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Oh Hey There. Remember me?

I’m not going to apologize for my absence. Life happens and boring riding life isn’t fun to write about or read about. There are lots of things going on though.

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F*** Goals ~ I’ve Got The Rage

This post was supposed to be more about the move and how my goals need to change (for the short term anyway).

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That Time I Danced Around Like a Cracked Out Elf

It was the other day… actually it’s almost every day. But this isn’t about how weird I am. This is about how ecstatic I was after Tuesday’s lesson. The new routine:

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Lesson Recap – And Then We Walked

A lot! Feel free to not read this. It’s more to lock it into my own memory. It was a great lesson but perhaps a little boring.

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Lesson Recap – Back to the Flat

I am in serious need of new media! The indoor arena is just so much suck for picture taking though. Also I’m not sure I can convince John that taking pictures of flat lessons is a fun time. We’ll see.

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JK – We Jumped

Happy New Year! It’s not too late to say that is it? I’m never sure when the happy new year period is up. There’s always that one awkward encounter mid-January with someone you don’t see very often. They say happy … Continue reading

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Lesson Recap – Information Overload!

Coach G and I have decided that we’re going to stick to dressage lessons for the foreseeable future. Tucker knows his job over fences. I’m pretty comfortable over fences now (when I’m not making stupid mistakes and forgetting things like … Continue reading

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Lesson Recap – My Horse is a Jerk and All That Fun Stuff

AKA I haven’t done a lesson post in a while so this’ll be a 3 in 1. Actually come to think of it I haven’t been doing much posting of anything lately. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in … Continue reading

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She’s Alive!

I made it to the other side of paper submissions. Two exams to go and the term is over. Crazy how fast time is flying.

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Weekend Recap – In and Outs and Lots of Turkey

Is it just me or does it seem like the older you get the faster time seems to fly?!?! How is it mid-October and already time for midterms???

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