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Goldilocks and the 3 (million) Saddles

Oh hey there. No apologies for the blog absence other than to apologize for the lack of blog reading I’ve been doing. One day I’ll get caught up. Hope everyone has been having an amazing summer.

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I’m Back and I’m NOT Happy About It

Florida was awesome. We really didn’t want to come home. I tried to convince John and my mom that early retirement was a good plan. I suppose they have a good point that being just a week shy of 34 … Continue reading

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5 Things I Don’t Need Right Now

Lessons lately have been fairly craptastic. Not the lessons themselves and not 100% of the lesson. But basically it seems as though I’ve forgotten how to ride. But that’s riding. Hopefully I get my shit back together before the show … Continue reading

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So You Want To Be An Anthropologist pt. 2

Lessons this week were kinda crap. I don’t really want to talk about it. I think I’m in one of those riding funks. It’s making me pout and I hope that it passes fast! So instead you get stuck with … Continue reading

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Life of a Hunter

Amanda from The $900 Facebook Pony did a post a while back about how her and her horse have changed since they started eventing. That got me thinking about what it takes for Tucker and I to be in the … Continue reading

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Field Boot Review and Rant

I think that I’ve eluded to this before, but if not you’ve now seen enough pictures to know, I’m not a small girl. I stand 5’10” and a 1/2 and weigh… well let’s just say that’s a work in progress. … Continue reading

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Hand Gallop Blog Hop: What’s Your Everyday Tack Setup?

My first blog hop… I hope I link everything right!!! Thanks Stephanie for the great topic!

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My Dream Barn… If Money Grew on Trees

I’ve always wanted my own stable. I’ve dreamt about have a beautiful facility that would offer boarding and lessons. A place where I’d be able to have multiple horses of my own and maybe dabble in breeding (if I had … Continue reading

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