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I Made the Two Stride My Bitch

But I still HATE them!

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Weekend Recap

The problem with being a (part-time) student is that I end up having to study and write so many papers I lose motivation for all other things. That’s not just writing things either. It’s all things. Driving. Nope don’t want … Continue reading

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Lesson Night – Flat and Gymnastics (but not really)

On Tuesday night coach G gave us a flat lesson. I LOVE flat lessons! There’s so much more to work on and places to improve on the flat. Even when jumping a course, flat makes up a larger portion than … Continue reading

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Thursday Night Lesson – Half Seat

I have two things to talk about today. Firstly, my lesson last night was amazing! It’s like all of a sudden a bunch of things clicked into place for me. We were down in the main hunter ring again (the … Continue reading

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Tuesday Night Lesson – Gymnastic Anxiety

G had set up a gymnastic on the quarter line. It consisted of a pole to a small cross-rail to a one stride (with a pole in the middle) to boxes. I dislike gymnastics. Which is huge step up from … Continue reading

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