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Redheadlins Blog Hop ~ Reports to HR

I love you blog community! Especially all you bloggers that give me content when I’m a dolt and forget to take pictures to go with my posts.

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TRM Blog Hop ~ The Honest Ad

For Sale:

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Guiness on Tap Unofficial Blog Hop – Horses as Characters

I love this blog idea. It all started with Austen proclaiming that Pig was Emperor Kuzco. “You know when you watch a movie and think to yourself “Whoa. This character is just like so-and-so!”? Well, I’m sure we’ve also had … Continue reading

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Fraidy Cat Eventing Blog Hop – What’s in Your Grooming Tote

Emma over at Fraidy Cat Eventing wants to know what’s in your grooming tote.

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The $900 FB Pony Blog Hop – Top 5 Horse Show Essentials

Because blog hops are keeping me going right now. Thanks Amanda!

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TRM Blog Hop – 25 Questions

Thanks TRM for the blog hop! I pretty much suck right now and have been neglecting the blog. Sorry! Life is just crazy busy. I’m at that point in the term where I just want to give up and drop … Continue reading

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NHW Blog Hop – Challenge

No Hour Wasted, challenge accepted! Tell me about a challenge you set for yourself and accomplished, or set yourself a new challenge and keep us updated!

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Something To Talk About Blog Hop – It’s Ok to be Weird

It’s blog hop time. I’m loving all of your great blog hop ideas. It’s really helping to get me through the summer blog writing doldrums. Kaitlyn from Something To Talk About says “show me some silly moments of you and … Continue reading

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ZBH Blog Hop – Everyday Fail

There’s nothing fun going on over here so another blog hop today. You all have such great ideas!!! This one is from Zen and the Art of Baby Horse Management.

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Stories From The Saddle Blog Hop – Heart Horse

A while back I read (or more likely skimmed) something about the types of horses you’ll encounter or have in your life. The Stories from the Saddle blog hop reminded me of it. I can’t for the life of me … Continue reading

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