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NHW Blog Hop – Challenge

No Hour Wasted, challenge accepted! Tell me about a challenge you set for yourself and accomplished, or set yourself a new challenge and keep us updated!

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Thanks Liz for the blog post idea. She just posted about ‘how to break your 14 month no-fall-off streak‘. Read it. It’s funny. I’m not being an ass, I mean that what she wrote was funny. Not that she fell … Continue reading

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Boot Camp Update – Weekend Rides

I haven’t done one of these updates in a while. That’s mainly because I haven’t been doing too much other than gradually increasing the length of time we work in the ring. That’s really not that interesting. But none the … Continue reading

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Lesson Night – Straightness and Contact

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts this week, I was sick last week. So no lessons last week. I don’t jump unless I’m in a lesson. So no jumping since the show. This made for an interesting time getting back … Continue reading

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Skills Development Hunter Jumper Schooling Show June 14 2015

Our second show of the season was this past Sunday. It went pretty okay. The weather was junk though. I hate riding in the rain. I do dumb things in the rain. Combine that with the fact I hadn’t ridden … Continue reading

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Lesson Night – WTF – Return To Crazy Town

Tuesday night lesson was relatively uneventful. At the Trillium show this weekend there is a derby, so we spent the evening prepping for that. I’m not showing but my friend (and lesson buddy) C is. So we practiced going up … Continue reading

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Superstitions and Habits

“Find a penny pick it up all day long you’ll have good luck.” Hang a horse shoe right side up to keep the good luck from spilling out, carry a four leaf clover or a rabbit’s foot for good luck, … Continue reading

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Thursday Night Lesson – Dinosaur Socks are Just as Good

I’m about to get a little braggy. We rocked our lesson last night! I rode forward, I kept my eyes up (mostly), I stayed connected and kept his poll elevated, and we made the strides.

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Tuesday Night Lesson – Don’t Anticipate

I feel kind blah about last night’s lesson. I shouldn’t. It went really well. I’m not sure whether it’s just my frame of mind in regards to riding or if it’s because we really didn’t do anything to work on … Continue reading

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Tuesday Night Lesson – Gymnastic Anxiety

G had set up a gymnastic on the quarter line. It consisted of a pole to a small cross-rail to a one stride (with a pole in the middle) to boxes. I dislike gymnastics. Which is huge step up from … Continue reading

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