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Oh Hey There. Remember me?

I’m not going to apologize for my absence. Life happens and boring riding life isn’t fun to write about or read about. There are lots of things going on though.

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The Story So Far ~ One Year of Blogging!

Holy crap! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I started this little blog.

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Fraidy Cat Eventing Blog Hop – What’s in Your Grooming Tote

Emma over at Fraidy Cat Eventing wants to know what’s in your grooming tote.

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The $900 FB Pony Blog Hop – Top 5 Horse Show Essentials

Because blog hops are keeping me going right now. Thanks Amanda!

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Favourite Products Blog Hop

I first saw this blog hop on Viva Carlos blog and through L’s post found a great new to me blog Breeches and Boat Shoes. I love all the things so I thought that I’d play along.

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An Update On All The Things – Ramblings

Where did the weekend go?!?! Please enjoy my Monday ramblings.

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An Update On All The Things

“Ohhhhhhh Back To School Back To School To Prove To Dad That I’m Not A Fool I’ve Got My, Lunch Packed Up My Boots Tied Tight I Hope I Don’t Get In A Fight Ohhhh Back To School Back To … Continue reading

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Skills Development Hunter Jumper Schooling Show August 16 2015

Why don’t posts write themselves?

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6 Non-Horsey Things I Can’t Live Without

I’m going to be a bit wishy washy to start. My fault for being a little MIA lately. What can I say. It’s summer. Hopefully I’ll make the jump back on the bandwagon soon.

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5 Things I Don’t Need Right Now

Lessons lately have been fairly craptastic. Not the lessons themselves and not 100% of the lesson. But basically it seems as though I’ve forgotten how to ride. But that’s riding. Hopefully I get my shit back together before the show … Continue reading

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