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If Not Now, When?

I was on a path for so long deep groves were worn into my track. You know the ones. They look a lot like the track that gets worn into the arena dirt by the riding school kids.

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Thought Processes

“Man, slow down. We’ll get there, take your time, don’t walk so fast. Stay on your roller.” ~ Willie Dixon

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A year ago John was startled out of his shower by our buildings superintendent pounding on our door. I had already left for work. The woman that lives below us was complaining of water leaking into her unit.

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Four Facts Survey

Well I’m joining in the Viva Carlos fun. I don’t feel much like writing… apparently to the point that I almost spelt writing with an ‘r’. Yep that’s what the first week of classes has done to me. Really I’d … Continue reading

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An Update On All The Things

“Ohhhhhhh Back To School Back To School To Prove To Dad That I’m Not A Fool I’ve Got My, Lunch Packed Up My Boots Tied Tight I Hope I Don’t Get In A Fight Ohhhh Back To School Back To … Continue reading

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Saddle Sores – Chafing – Chub Rub

Thankfully this is not something I have to deal with often. Because ouch! But I guess the high temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately coupled with a loose fitting pair of breaches is a recipe for some hurt.

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Weekend Recap – Riding, Guns & Greek Food

What a weekend!

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6 Non-Horsey Things I Can’t Live Without

I’m going to be a bit wishy washy to start. My fault for being a little MIA lately. What can I say. It’s summer. Hopefully I’ll make the jump back on the bandwagon soon.

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Saying Goodbye

The worst part about pets is saying goodbye. The goodbyes are sometimes so bad that you swear up and down you’ll never do it again. You’ll never give your heart to another short lived creature. The pain of lose is … Continue reading

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Viva Carlos Blog Hop – My Cubicle

Thank you L. Williams from Viva Carlos for this blog hop. It’s much needed as I haven’t felt much like writing.

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