The Details ~ Viewing and Tack Rooms

If it appears as though I’m stretching out the new barn details it’s because that is exactly what I’m doing. I love our new barn but it’s not giving me very much blog fodder. Hopefully that will be rectified tomorrow when we have our first lesson with trainer M.


The Tack Room:

Pre-move, there was a tack room that consisted of a bunch of lockers. My locker was not in the tack room. It was outside of the tack room in the barn aisle. The tack room was supposedly heated but it never seemed that warm.

Now, All of my tack is inside the heated tack room. I can’t comment on the how warm it will be in the winter… although it was freezing and snowing this past Sunday and it seemed pretty warm.

The Locker:

Pre-move, I had a locker. All of my stuff fit inside my locker. I miss that.

Now, I have a small cupboard that doesn’t fit all my things. This is the one thing I wish was different. I’d really like to be able to secure all my tack better.

Tack Cleaning:

Pre-move, there was no designated spot to clean tack. No sink. No hook or stand. I used to clean tack in a grooming stall which wasn’t really that convenient.


Now, there is an area in the tack room with all the things you’d need, including a sink with hot and cold water.

Viewing Room:

Pre-move, there was a heated viewing room attached to the old arena that’s in serious need of a reno.


Now, we have a big heated viewing room that is attached to the tack room. Again I can’t really say how warm it will be in the winter but it was quite comfortable on Sunday. It’s got a raised platform for people to sit and look out into the arena through one way glass (if the light is off).


Pre-move, there was space above the boarder barn that we could store our trunks. It was kinda messy though.


Now, there’s a loft off of the viewing room that we can store all out extra stuff. There are shelves for extra blankets and room for trunks. Just like the rest of the barn it’s quite organized.

Laundry and Washroom:

Pre-move, there was no laundry and the washroom was porta-potty. One of the porta-potties was large with a sink and heat but it wasn’t always open/in service.

Now, there’s laundry and an indoor washroom! These are also heated and just off the viewing room.


Pre-move, ???

Now, in the viewing room we’ve got a kitchenette with a full size fridge.

Only one more of these posts and then I promise I’ll stop bragging about our barn.

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10 Responses to The Details ~ Viewing and Tack Rooms

  1. L. Williams says:

    I’m always impressed when facilities have real bathrooms, we were at a place for a super long time that only had a porta potty! lol

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  2. Looks awesome!! Seems like the move was a good decision, congrats 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Cathryn says:

    Gorgeous! I love how much room you have.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rocking E Cowgirl says:

    I have space to add a viewing room in my indoor, but I’ve never been sure if people would use it. Do people go up there a lot? To watch lessons? Super nice barn!

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    • Erin says:

      At the old barn there was a large riding school. So that viewing room was used a lot. The new barn has only 12 stalls and they aren’t all full. I’ve barely ever see anyone so I have no idea if it’s used. It’s also outdoor riding season so anyone I’ve seen ride has been outside.


  5. Love to see everything! Especially with my penchant for tack rooms 🙂
    That tack washing place looks good!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Emma says:

    I seriously miss our old sweet viewing rooms in New York….. It’s just not a thing here apparently. Anyway the place looks fancy!!


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