Redheadlins Blog Hop ~ Reports to HR

I love you blog community! Especially all you bloggers that give me content when I’m a dolt and forget to take pictures to go with my posts.

Thank you Niamh for the original bridge photoshopping!

Readheadlins: “If your horse was your co-worker what kind of reports would you have to make to the HR department?”

Complaint 1: Someone ate my donut… actually someone ate all the food in the fridge… on every floor. Not to point fingers but Tucker has crumbs all over his face and he’s started throwing the empty containers at people walking by his desk.

Complaint 2: When giving Tucker a report he lulls you into a false sense of security and then bites you when you get within reach. Kinda inappropriate!

Complaint 3: Tucker refuses to work a full shift and will throw tantrums when asked to work on projects he considers difficult.


Complaint 4: When he thinks that he’s alone, Tucker disturbs the entire office with his screaming. His assistant has started to lose her hearing.

Complaint 5: The carpet under Tuckers desk has been replaced 5 times this month. Someone needs to talk to him about his insistent need to tap dance in his cubicle.

Seriously who hired this guy!?!?!

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5 Responses to Redheadlins Blog Hop ~ Reports to HR

  1. Courtney says:

    Jeez, who did hire him!? He probably needs to be put on a PP or something!

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  2. carey says:

    Hahah, this blog hop is a funny one


  3. Emma says:

    Ha Isabel is right there with him for #4&5 lol

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  4. Rocking E Cowgirl says:

    I think Tucker would keep any barn (uh, I mean, office 😉 ) busy! I like him already.

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  5. Hahaha- Tucker needs to go on a Pip for sure and get his act together!

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