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Dressage Lesson Magic

We had our second dressage lesson the other day. And it was awesome! Advertisements

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The Details ~ Everything Else

As promised the final instalment of the new barn details. Minus the trails, because I haven’t done that yet.

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The Stupidest Human on Earth

Are all your fingers pointing this way? Because they should be. Just call me queen of the dumb. Are you ready for this…

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The Details ~ Viewing and Tack Rooms

If it appears as though I’m stretching out the new barn details it’s because that is exactly what I’m doing. I love our new barn but it’s not giving me very much blog fodder. Hopefully that will be rectified tomorrow … Continue reading

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Redheadlins Blog Hop ~ Reports to HR

I love you blog community! Especially all you bloggers that give me content when I’m a dolt and forget to take pictures to go with my posts.

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The Details ~ Tucker’s Stall

It was brought to my attention that I was a tad remiss in filling you in on all the details about our new home. The details are kind of important. They are huge part of the reason I chose this … Continue reading

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Busy Weekend ~ Move and 1st Gotcha Day

Well we moved. This is pretty much what Tucker looks and sounds like at the moment: Other than that things went/are going pretty well. 

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