Monday Night Lesson – Jumping Videos

I love my horse!


Dreaming of warmer day.

No long lesson recap because coach/friend J took video. I haven’t posted video of my riding before. I hate how I look in video. Like seriously, do I even know how to ride. Someone put a monkey in a human suit and put it on my horse. I’m slightly reluctant to post theses. But here you go anyway.

I biffed the lead change off the oxer a few times but eventually got my shit sorted out. I’ve got to stop letting him fall in. Inside rein not outside to get him into the corner. duh!

Course #1

Course #2: I’m slightly disappointed that you can’t really see the faces I was making at J at the start of the video. Also can someone please tell me what that green dot is.

Course #3

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20 Responses to Monday Night Lesson – Jumping Videos

  1. L. Williams says:

    He looks like a big pony! 😀 So squish!

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    • Erin says:

      I get that a lot. When he’s hairier J says he looks like a Thelwell pony. He LOVES being squished. Especially his nostrils… he’s a bit of a weirdo.


  2. Shauna says:

    You guys look great! Your pony looks very pleasant, like he very much enjoys his job.

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    • Erin says:

      Thanks! That’s an understatement. He gets so excited when I’m not forcing him to dressage. Lately I’ve been having to hold him way back while jumping because he’s so enthusiastic. For example putting 6 strides in a line my coach wanted 8 in.


  3. I totally get the “I hate seeing myself in video WTF am I even doing” feeling! This is why a) I’m glad no one is at the barn when I’m riding to take photos/videos and b) I’m probably still looking like a drunk monkey up there. You guys definitely look good, though, like you totally know what you’re doing!

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    • Erin says:

      Haha! Video is awful. At least with pictures you can pick the best one. With video you get all the bits flying everywhere all the time. Thanks!


  4. rachelum33 says:

    That looked great! I would not worry about the lead change stumbles over the oxer. I find that even the best of horses sometimes have issues with changes in the indoor. What I was super impressed about is that he lands his leads like 99% of the time! Smart smart pony!

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  5. Don’t knock your riding, you’re lovely!! You guys look great!! I could be wrong, but in the video, the ring looks fairly small. You guys float around it and make it look easy!

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  6. I hadn’t realized you’d never posted video before… and now I definitely don’t know why! You both look lovely, and do a great job of riding in a tight ring.

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  7. Carly says:

    1) I wish I looked that good in jumping videos!! Maybe I would if I could ride that well in jumping. Hmm. 2) Green dot = ALIEN. Whut. 3) “Eh?” I love you, northern neighbors! XD

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    • Erin says:

      1) Thank you! You ride better then you give yourself credit for. There’s a difference between riding well and having serious nerves. Trust me, I know. 2) That’s exactly what I was thinking! So far I have no strange abduction stories though. I’ll keep you posted. 3) LOL! I don’t even hear it!!!


  8. Courtney says:

    You look awesome! You are a beautiful rider, I’m glad you posted them, they were great to watch!

    I also admire your small ring riding skills.

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  9. Emma says:

    I love the video!!! You guys make a great team- it’s a very smooth and effortless looking picture 😀

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  10. Karley says:

    Look at you go girl!! I love how lovely you ride in your half seat!

    You guys definitely are an awesome pair!!

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