Just Stop!

Have you ever gone online to one of those WebMD sites and diagnosed yourself with some sort of rare, chronic tricomylecardoitis? Yeah don’t look that up… you don’t have it. I just made that one up. But I’m sure you get my point.


Lizard lips says happy Monday.

You’ve got a random symptom and want to make sure it’s not serious and end up talking yourself into or out of the possibility that you’re having a heart attack.

Get your crazy ass off of Google!

Are you seeing where I’m going yet? No. Tucker started taking those wonky steps again. Naturally I googled ‘my horse’s sacroiliac joint keeps locking’. BAD idea!

He definitely has osteoarthritis, stress fractures, inflammation and strain.

Oh but wait, what were his symptoms again?

  1. Lacking impulsion. Um nope. Impulsion seems the same, and he seems to have no problem when I ask for forward.
  2. Deterioration of quality of movement. Not really. I only feel a shortening of some strides at the trot to the right. FEEL. Coach G couldn’t even see what I was feeling.
  3. Change in behaviour. Maybe. He’s been moody during some rides… but wait a minute. During those rides I was asking him to do hard lateral work. Things he’s not good at (yet) and finds challenging.
  4. Reluctance to work on the bit. No. Once he’s warmed up he has no problem working on the bit.
  5. Trouble with lateral movements. Other than the fact that he’s uneducated and I’m still sorting out how to ask properly, no not really.
  6. Swapping out behind in the canter or failure to do flying changes. Big no. He has zero problem that I can detect at the canter.
  7. Refusal to jump. Another big no. If anything he’s been more enthusiastic about his job.
  8. Bucking/kicking out. A little bit. This may go back to the moving forward point a bit. Every now and then he gets cranky when it’s his turn to jump and I ask him to move forward. He’ll throw a couple and then carry on as if nothing happened.


    The SI joint in question.

Soooo maybe I’m over reacting just a tad. But, to an untrained eye the horse may appear normal. Issues with the SI can be hard to spot. The joint is located so deep, you can’t really see of feel it.

OMG! He definitely needs rest, anti-inflammatory meds, injections, pole work, hill work, stall rest, paddock rest, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic adjustment… is it just me or did some of that seem contradictory???

I called Tuckers chiropractor and made an appointment. He’s made it since June without needing an adjustment. That’s not to bad. Maybe I need to calm down a bit. Surely if it was super serious he’d need treatments more often. Right?


“I love you chiropractor K”

So K came out. Found that his right SI joint was locked up again. She adjusted it and did some other minor adjustments. He also got a laser treatment. She said nothing was really that bad. Then she told me to calm the F down and get my crazy ass off of Google.

WebMDing your horse is a very bad idea!

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21 Responses to Just Stop!

  1. Courtney says:

    Oh dear…lol. Yeah don’t start with the googling of symptoms! My husband does that, and then he thinks he has leprosy or something.

    He is oozing contentment from that treatment! Hopefully he’ll be 100% now!


  2. Shauna says:

    I am so guilty of this!

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  3. kaitlyndzn says:

    no put the computer away!! I am the queen of googling and thinking my horse is going to die…

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  4. Shannon says:

    Haha! Yeah, I do this, too. Mine usually has to do with nutrition, though. I talk myself into and out of different feeding regimens constantly. I’ve been doing the same thing for years and it works, not sure why I feel the need to over-analyze it at least once a month…..

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  5. emma says:

    haha it’s a slippery slope!!! i just try to think of times that i’ve been sore or walking a little lame, and why it might be and what it might imply. usually? just a little sore from hard work, and it goes away on its own.

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  6. It’s hard not to freak- I’ve been in those shoes before!

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  7. Carly says:

    I think this is every horse owner’s favorite game!

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  8. L. Williams says:

    I was convinced one summer that Carlos was going blind in one I. I spent an afternoon at my mom’s house crying about it until she dragged my ass to the barn to perform some basic tests I couldn’t bring myself to do. He was totally fine.

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  9. nataliecmine says:

    SI/mystery hind end is a rabbit hole for sure! Fingers crossed it clears up with a chiro visit.

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  10. Jackie V says:

    DO NOT GOOGLE. During B’s PPE a few weeks ago, vet said he palpated sore in his right hind suspensory and had active swelling per an ultrasound. CUE PANIC. And all the googlez. Thankfully, my vet came out and everything was perfect. Trust your gut a little, but your own vet more.

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  11. KateRose says:

    Any kind of webmd/dr. google is a bad idea! I have had many sleepless nights after reading things online about possible disorders that my horses have haha.

    Have you tried BOT products? Apollo is quite stiff in his SI as well and it does help him to wear his sheet on cooler days before I ride.

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    • Erin says:

      No. But I was thinking that a BOT sheet might help. I’ll have to look into getting one. In the mean time I picked up a manual massager to use.


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  14. rachelum33 says:

    You can ask K from http://www.stampyandthebrain.com/ just how insane I was lately about self diagnosing Oscar! I am still a bit nervous that something is still wrong. I am glad that Tucker is doing better.

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