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That Time I Danced Around Like a Cracked Out Elf

It was the other day… actually it’s almost every day. But this isn’t about how weird I am. This is about how ecstatic I was after Tuesday’s lesson. The new routine:

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Guarded Optimism – Making Adjustments 2.1

I’m alive! I made it to the other side of paper submissions. Just a few weeks and 2 finals to go. And then I might take a summer course. Glutton for punishment over here… well maybe not. I’ve only got … Continue reading

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Guiness on Tap Unofficial Blog Hop – Horses as Characters

I love this blog idea. It all started with Austen proclaiming that Pig was Emperor Kuzco. “You know when you watch a movie and think to yourself “Whoa. This character is just like so-and-so!”? Well, I’m sure we’ve also had … Continue reading

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Lesson Recap – And Then We Walked

A lot! Feel free to not read this. It’s more to lock it into my own memory. It was a great lesson but perhaps a little boring.

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Just Stop!

Have you ever gone online to one of those WebMD sites and diagnosed yourself with some sort of rare, chronic tricomylecardoitis? Yeah don’t look that up… you don’t have it. I just made that one up. But I’m sure you … Continue reading

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All In Blog Hop – Tack Room

I’m not sure if it was meant to be a blog hop or not but Karley over at All In is asking about how you would outfit a tack room.

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Ride/Lesson Updates

Well I’ve been back from Florida for a week now. So far Mother Nature has been really nice and really bitchy. On Saturday we hit 14 degrees. It was beautiful and made me want to ride outside. Too bad the … Continue reading

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