TRM Blog Hop: Pet Peeves

Yay for blog hops! Because content is hard y’all. Especially when you see your horse a little less often and when you’re on an abnormal psychology exam downer. I feel like that’s the one exam that should have a goal of not making the writer depressed. WTF U of T psych department!

The Red Mare Blog Hop

Anyways, Cathryn over at The Red Mare is hosting a blog hop asking about your ‘favourite’ equestrian pet peeves.

Time to air the grievances!

Part 1: “What is your biggest horse related pet peeve? (Try and keep this one more about the horse itself. Things like spooking at nothing, dirty stoppers, refusing to load, etc.).”

I’m choosing to focus on specific issues I have with things Tucker does. Truly I have way more pet peeves than this. But I can ignore them because I don’t have to deal with them.

Pet peeve #1: Pawing

All the damn time. It drives me nuts! If he wants a treat. He paws. If he wants food. He paws. If he needs to pee. He paws. If he’s sick of being in crossties. He paws. It enough to drive anyone mental! However, I have been slowly working on him and he is getting better. Did I say slowly? Because its snail pace slow. Can you tell I’m frustrated?

Pet peeve #2: Food obsession

Tucker you’re a little bit ridiculous! Food has never been withheld, you have never been starved. Calm the F down! I’ve been stepped on because he’s so focused on food he’s forgotten I was there. Forgetting humans are near you is bad!

Pet peeve #3: Being ornery


Basically just being a general jerk. Refusing to do something when asked (i.e. lateral movements), grumping at other horses (most recently kicking out at another horse when it cantered by), not letting me clean wounds (if you want an infection keep acting like an ass!) and would you please stop ripping your bridle of the hook and throwing it on the floor?!?!

Part 2: “And secondly, what is your biggest equestrian related pet peeve? (This is less about the horse and more about the people in the industry. It can be anything from hating the aisleways in the barn not being swept, the wait times between classes, or even things like rollkur).”

Pet peeve #1: Clean up after yourself and don’t hog the crossties


This drives me crazy! There’s only so much space. Share! Get in get out, put your shit away and sweep up. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

Pet peeve #2: Play nice in the sandbox!

Don’t be one of those riders that hogs the arena. Especially when there’s a lesson going on. FYI the lesson has right of way! Also follow the damn rules. Pass left to left and if you’re walking get off the rail! I’m starting to feel kinda yelly.

Pet peeve #3: Take care of your horse

That means give it a proper grooming before and after your ride, use a cooler when it’s cold, after your ride don’t disappear for 10 minutes while you’re horse sits on the crossties, make sure your horse has water, etc. Oh and also get the F off your horse and walk your ass back to the barn after a HARD ride (ex. After you’ve shown in 3+ jumping classes in the heat of the summer and the stabling area is a good hike from the ring).

I’ve got way more pet peeves than that but I think I’ve let out enough rage for one day. Thanks Cathryn for the hop!

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9 Responses to TRM Blog Hop: Pet Peeves

  1. Karley says:

    What you don’t like his tap routines?! lol He’s so talented mom!


  2. Oh Tucker! You silly, hungry horse. That’s how my dogs behave. Particularly my Golden. My pet peeve is when people don’t clean up their horse’s poop quickly in the crossties.


  3. KateRose says:

    I feel you on the pawing! Henry is the worst. Your post made me LOL quite a few times πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  4. emma says:

    ha i think isabel and tucker are kindred spirits re: the pawing and obsession with food lol!


  5. L. Williams says:

    Ramone is also a pawer.. super annoying.


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