Lesson Recap – There Was No Smashing of Records in the Making of This Lesson

Only various body parts because I fell off again. I really hope this isn’t becoming a habit.


“You still love me right?!?!”

The lesson started off by extending and collecting the canter. I had to stop and lengthen my stirrups. I’m starting to get used to the shorter length and rebuild the muscle but I just can’t maintain the canter for so long. Also it feels like my ankles are breaking. The lengthening made everything better though so I left them like that for the whole lesson.

G had set up a line of jumps (pole to 2 stride to a bounce to a 2 stride) and two diagonal jumps that were set up on bending 4 stride from the in and the out of the line.

We started by doing the two bending lines. The first was a little gappy and the second I fixed by going a little more direct.


Then G had us do the bending to the bending to the line. This is where I ate dirt. The bending lines were beautiful. I came around the corner to the line. I may have had slightly to much rhythm and to much inside bend. Tucker might have thought he could clear both the pole and jump at the same time and tripped. Whatever happened we parted company. I was on my back in the dirt and Tuck was looking down at me wondering if that’s how that exercise was supposed to go. I may have thanked him for stopping dead in his tracks and not stepping on me. I also may have yelled out for no one to tell John or my mom. It was a much better fall then the last one (my elbow and tucus are sore and I’m a bit stiff). It also helped to eradicate any remaining PTSD from the last fall.

I “hopped” up and remounted, took a minute to regroup and make sure everything was in working order and then nailed the exercise like nothing happened.


Conveniently I had an appointment with my chiropractor last night. He insisted on giving me a laser treatment to help with the bruising.

G changed up the course a bit. Bending to bending to line to oxer to vertical to vertical. And I almost bailed again. But apparently I can learn because I stayed with him instead of going my own way. On the in of the second bending we kinda tripped into it again and ended up going straight through the line instead of bending. Oops! Came around and did it properly and finished the rest of the course without further incident.

And that my friends is how you go about not breaking your previous no fall off record.

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9 Responses to Lesson Recap – There Was No Smashing of Records in the Making of This Lesson

  1. Rebecca says:

    Ouchie! I need to find a chiropractor for myself… it’s only fair because the pony has one, right?

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  2. emma says:

    aww 😦 i’m glad you’re ok! the exercise looks like a blast, but personally i kinda feel like placing poles near jumps are tools of the devil… they totally melt my mind!

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  3. Courtney says:

    Awww, you’re so adorably sad! I hope the laser treatment worked and you’re not feeling sore or anything.
    Good job on nailing it!

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    • Erin says:

      That’s the I have 2 lasers on my arm because I declined him putting one on my ass bruise look. A little sore and a little stiff but WAY better than after the last fall.


  4. Carly says:

    Good for you for getting back on and taking names!

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  5. Eek! Glad you’re okay


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