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TSSFE Blog Hop – Tack Cleaning Routine

I got to think the other night when I was cleaning tack in my mom’s kitchen… what that’s not the appropriate place to clean months’ worth of dirt and grim off of expensive leather. Well I didn’t hear anyone complaining … Continue reading

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Lesson Recap – I Don’t Want to Talk About It!

I am going to talk about it though. I need to get these thoughts out of my head. It was bad. So bad I almost take back what I said about Tucker being my heart horse. The honeymoon period is … Continue reading

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My Secret Santa is better than Your Secret Santa!

And Tucker and I are more than willing to defend that statement.

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Tucker the Superstar

Why is the weekend over already?!?! I am less than excited about you Monday!

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Lesson Recap – Back to the Flat

I am in serious need of new media! The indoor arena is just so much suck for picture taking though. Also I’m not sure I can convince John that taking pictures of flat lessons is a fun time. We’ll see.

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JK – We Jumped

Happy New Year! It’s not too late to say that is it? I’m never sure when the happy new year period is up. There’s always that one awkward encounter mid-January with someone you don’t see very often. They say happy … Continue reading

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