The $900 FB Pony Blog Hop – Top 5 Horse Show Essentials

Because blog hops are keeping me going right now. Thanks Amanda!bloghoplogo

Let’s see, my 5 must have with me of fail miserably items would be:

1. ALL the purple! I’ve touched on this before. I can’t not wear my purple ‘show outfit’. I am 100% certain that if I changed my routine and wore something other than said outfit I would fall off or knock rails or go off course or or or… Ok so I might be a touch crazy. But do what works right???

So maybe you can't tell but trust me all the purple is there.

So maybe you can’t tell but trust me all the purple is there.

2. My Stanley with wheels. I always wanted my own show trunk. You know the ones. All wood, name or initials somehow engraved onto the box, weighs about a million and one pounds. Not really that practical when you think about it. Enter Stanley. The most magical show trunk there ever was. Lots of room for my stuff and easy to move around, you know the key things needed when travelling to shows.  Stanley 37 in. Mobile Job Box3. I touched on this one before too, Contigo 20 ounce water bottle. I love COLD water and hydration is important. This water bottle is awesome. Fill it with ice and water in the morning and it will stay cold all day.  AUTOSEAL® Fit Stainless Water Bottle4. John. He’s my support, my groom, my photographer and the voice of reason. I’d be a complete mess ball of panic and nerves without him.

And he takes better selfies with Tucker than I do.

And he takes better selfies with Tucker than I do.

5. A banana. I tend to not eat before I show. Bad I know. The nerves take control! So having a banana there for as soon as I get off keeps me from turning very quickly from stress bucket to psychotic hangry woman. Now it’s just part of the routine that CAN NOT BE CHANGED or all the bad stuff I already mentioned will happen.


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4 Responses to The $900 FB Pony Blog Hop – Top 5 Horse Show Essentials

  1. Christle says:

    I can’t eat before shows either, it’s so unhealthy but meh.


  2. emma says:

    i want one of those stanley trunks so badly!!


  3. Karley says:

    It’s funny how most of us can’t eat before shows!!! I always chow down when I’m done lol!!

    Jealous your man takes pics!!


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