Lesson Night – Flat Work

I’ve momentarily put the pitchforks away and am no longer planning a siege on my chiropractor. Monday was an awful day full of aching but yesterday was much better. Some parts of riding are still not a fun time but I think we might be getting there. Now if I could just remember to stop slouching at my desk.


We had a really good flat lesson the other day. Tucker and I wowed G. Like bug eye wowed him. He may have even made reference to a ballerina. This is much better than a bull in a china shop!

We started out by trotting a figure 8. G wanted 2 full circles that met at X instead of a figure 8 that goes across a diagonal to change rein. He stressed the importance of using your aids to create the correct bend and wanted a few steps of straight before we changed the bend onto the new circle.


Then he had us stay on a left bend for both circle and then right bend for both circles. Use that inside leg to keep them out on the circle and keep them going forward. Eyes up and looking around your circle.

Back to the regular figure 8 at a canter with flying lead changes. I had a bit of trouble with the first one but then sorted myself (specifically my hips) and got the next few no problem. Keep them moving forward, get straight, direct rein to change direction and then indirect rein to move the shoulder out of the way and change leads.


Back to walk. G had us fit 5 small circles across the top of the ring. Basically connected in figure 8 style. He wanted us to start on a left rein with a left bend, hold the left bend and make them cross over their front feet around the right circle and then follow the left bend to the next left rein circle, repeat until you get to the end. Left leg squeezes, left rein raise as you ask them to step over with their front end. G was really impressed with how easy this was for my big guy to do this. So proud of how far we’ve come!

Kind of confusing but just follow the blue line on a left bend.

Kind of confusing but just follow the blue line on a left bend.

We then changed direction and did the exact same thing to the right. This way wasn’t as easy. Totally my fault though. It’s my right side that’s messed up the most so I wasn’t able to support as much as I needed to. Usually right would have been out best direction so it was a little strange. We still got the job done but I needed more space to make it work and just barely was able to follow the right bend out of the circle on the last turn.

To finish up the lesson we went back to the big figure 8 and had a bit of an equitation command class. It was all good until I needed to do lead changes at X. My hip decided it had had enough and I could not do them to save my life. Oh well. Other than that it was a really great lesson. I LOVE flat work!!! And I really love that we got to show G how much we’ve improved.

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8 Responses to Lesson Night – Flat Work

  1. When the hips throw in the towel, what can you do?

    Flat work is great, foundation baby! Really makes everything else better. Hopefully G was impressed!

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  2. emma says:

    sounds intense!!! but fun too 🙂

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  3. You may be the only person I know that “LOVES” flatwork :)- sounds like a fun lesson!

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    • Erin says:

      haha. Jumping we can do. It’s on the flat that we have the most to learn and improve on. I love taking my chubby draft x and turning him into a bendy dressage pony.


  4. Hillary H. says:

    Hey, email me equestrianathart at gmail
    To tell me your choice in flavor of Herbal Horse Lip Balm as well as choice of 4oz tin of one of her products (heal quick, fungus treatment, hair, etc) for killing it in 2ptober!


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