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She’s Alive!

I made it to the other side of paper submissions. Two exams to go and the term is over. Crazy how fast time is flying.

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The $900 FB Pony Blog Hop – Top 5 Horse Show Essentials

Because blog hops are keeping me going right now. Thanks Amanda!

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TRM Blog Hop – 25 Questions

Thanks TRM for the blog hop! I pretty much suck right now and have been neglecting the blog. Sorry! Life is just crazy busy. I’m at that point in the term where I just want to give up and drop … Continue reading

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I Made the Two Stride My Bitch

But I still HATE them!

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Lesson Night – Flat Work

I’ve momentarily put the pitchforks away and am no longer planning a siege on my chiropractor. Monday was an awful day full of aching but yesterday was much better. Some parts of riding are still not a fun time but … Continue reading

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Making Adjustments 2.0

Back in June I posted about Tucker’s first chiropractor appointment and how happy I was with it. Tuck had been having problems with his right SI joint. Thankfully nothing to do with saddle fit.

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