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Ten Things I’ve Learned

Plus more show pictures.

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Thought Processes

“Man, slow down. We’ll get there, take your time, don’t walk so fast. Stay on your roller.” ~ Willie Dixon

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Weekend Recap

The problem with being a (part-time) student is that I end up having to study and write so many papers I lose motivation for all other things. That’s not just writing things either. It’s all things. Driving. Nope don’t want … Continue reading

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How the hell did that happen?!?! And where did that warm weather go. I’m starting to feel the never ending chill of winter. I don’t want to start layering up yet!

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A year ago John was startled out of his shower by our buildings superintendent pounding on our door. I had already left for work. The woman that lives below us was complaining of water leaking into her unit.

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