If Not Now, When?

I was on a path for so long deep groves were worn into my track. You know the ones. They look a lot like the track that gets worn into the arena dirt by the riding school kids.

The track gets so deep that it can cause a stumble if you try to climb out at the wrong angle. So deep it’s like a magnet sucking you back in when you try to make a new parallel path.

Riding on the track is so much easier than trying to keep a straight horse off the rail. Changing your mind set and habits can be a lot like that.IMG_5786

It’s so much easier to slip back into old habits. That internal voice that so many other bloggers have talked about is a strong one.

Why try something new when you can sit comfortably on your couch and watch bad TV? Why put yourself out there, you might fail. Why even try?

It’s time to shut that negative nancy up! No it’s not going to be easy. But I can see how it’ll be so worth it.

Time to experience. Time to push boundaries. Time to live.

Thanks to If the Saddle Fits I found out about 101 in 1001. Seems like a great idea to me. There’s so much out there to see and do. So I started making my list. It’s by no means done. I’m having difficulty coming up with 101 things that I could feasibly accomplish in 1001 days.

There are big things that I’d like to one day do, like go to Africa, that won’t fit in the 2.7 year plan. Or is that the voice talking? What if I could somehow make it work. I may not see the way right now but who’s to say that 3 months from now an opportunity might pop up.

That voice is a sneaky B****!

Don’t set limits. Anything is possible.

I'm not sure this would make a good carrier move...

I’m not sure this would make a good career move…

This exercise of creating a list has also got me thinking about some of the crazy things I’ve already done. Like going to circus school. Don’t let that voice hold you back or make you feel silly. If there’s something you want to try than do it with your whole heart regardless of the voice or other people.

Drastic hair change to blonde and purple. Why not!

Drastic hair change to blonde and purple. Why not!

Nothing is to out there. If something sounds interesting or fun then try it!

Ok so maybe this goal is a little over the top...

Ok so maybe this goal is a little over the top…

This is such a great process. It can be difficult. But I’m feeling more positive. Here’s my list so far and some of the things I’ve done to date.

What are some of the things you want to do/accomplish? Do you plan to make your own 101 in 1001 or smaller goal list?

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7 Responses to If Not Now, When?

  1. What a great list of goals! I did a 31×31 (31 things by the time I turned 31)- specific to horsey stuff. I managed to accomplish a few and am still working on it!

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  2. Stephanie says:

    whoa whoa whoa, back up…you went to CIRCUS SCHOOL?! MORE POSTS ON THIS PLZ!

    I have trouble with goals, especially large or very long-term ones. (This is a personal failing, as I am just about the world’s worst long term planner.) I like to set a few annual goals and check in with them periodically to see how I’m faring. I adjust my plan to achieve them when necessary. That works best for me, because it isn’t too overwhelming or too hard to keep track of!

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    • Erin says:

      Um yeah. Circus school happened. It was just a one day class. I’ll think about writing a post.
      That makes sense. I’m not that great with goal setting either. I’m thinking of the list not as goals but as things I want to do. I guess that’s kind of the same but it tricks my brain into not panicking.


  3. emma says:

    lots of awesome goals on your list!!! i love it! and yea that internal voice is super sneaky, good luck silencing it !

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