Attack of The Thrush!

My boy’s got it bad. For those of you that haven’t had the joy of dealing with this stinky infection all I have to say is you’re so lucky. Although I suspect that not many of us can say we’ve never seen it. It’s my understanding that it’s fairly common.


Thrush is a bacterial or fungal infection in the hoof. The offending organisms occur naturally in the environment. Those little nasty’s love wet, muddy conditions.

I'm actually kind if surprised

I’m actually pretty surprised that he hasn’t had it before now considering this is how he spent most of the summer.

Like right now. All this wet fall weather we’ve been having. Perfect for the thrush to jump into Tucker’s toes and squish around and make things gross.

Those little jerks snuck up on us. One day everything seemed fine and then the next there’s a big black stinky crack in his back left frog.IMG_0836

So I’ve been treating all his feet for almost a week now. I thought we were getting it under control. Then last night while I was treating his feet I picked up the last foot (FR) and bam. The little bit that was there had turned into quite a bit more. Not nearly as bad as the BL but a noticeably deeper hole.

Not cool thrush not cool!IMG_0958

Have you dealt with thrush before? What treatment did you use? Have you tried any home remedies that you’ve found worked?

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18 Responses to Attack of The Thrush!

  1. Green hands! Kopertox! That stuff stains everything. ..

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  2. So Miles came with REALLY bad deep sulcus thrush. It was so high up in his frog, that it was hard to get Thrush Buster up there, so I used cotton balls soaked in betadine and used my hoof pick to gently push them into the crack. They usually fell out on their own after a day or two.

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  3. Stephanie says:

    I’ve heard from multiple horse people in my area that ToMORROW, which is a treatment option for intramammary infusion in cows, works REALLY well for thrush. (We carry it at the tack store and sell a lot of it this time of year.) Good luck!

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  4. carey says:

    Cosmo battled super bad deep sulcus thrush last year, to the point he was not sound on his RF. ToMorrow is FANTASTIC. Cleared it up pretty quickly and long needle-nose allows you get it really deep into the cracks. I would squeeze that in and then stuff with guaze to keep the other crap out. Worked way better than thrush buster for this particular condition. I find thrush buster to be great when it’s not too deep.
    I’m dreading it this year, I hope we don’t have to deal with it again, but I’m ready if we do.

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  5. emma says:

    aw boo! hope you can get it gone pronto!

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  6. Luckily no- I hope yours is gone soon!

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  7. Courtney says:

    Mine get it on a regular basis. Thrush buster always clears it up. The good news is that once it’s exposed to the air, it’s killed (so I hear), so theoretically, just cleaning the hoof helps kill it, even without product.
    But I too have purple all over everything in my grooming box. With all the modern technology, they can’t figure out a lid that doesn’t leak!?

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  8. Bette says:

    I third Tomorrow! Or if you can find Today- they’re basically the same thing if using it for thrush. You should look at your local feed/agricultural store since its main purpose is for cows 🙂

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