And The Winner Is…

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

My Bailey cat helping with Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at my moms.

My Bailey cat helping with Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at my moms.

Totally forgot that today was a holiday when I announced the SUDS giveaway. We’re about to head out the door for brunch and then turkey celebrations at John’s parents. This will be short and sweet.

Only two entries so instead of a spreadsheet I did the official draw a name out of a hat technique to pick the winner. IMG_0283

And the winner is Emma of Fraidy Cat Eventing. Congratulations! Emma wrote about Isabel’s aversion to water. I hope that you and Isabel love this soap as much as Tucker and I do. Emma I’ll email you tomorrow about the details.

Thanks Emma and Grace for participating!

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6 Responses to And The Winner Is…

  1. emma says:

    woot woot – so exciting!!!! awesome contest – i really hope this shampoo proves to be the secret weapon in making isabel beauteous without all the mare glares haha. have a great thanksgiving!!

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  2. Grace C says:

    Thanks for hosting the contest, and happy thanksgiving to you! (:

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  3. Courtney says:

    Happy thanksgiving!

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