What’s Best For The Horse?

I have a dilemma. I hate that I’m having this problem but I suppose better now than midway through the winter.IMG_0875

Last week the temperatures here in Southern Ontario dropped low enough to start blanketing. No big deal. I picked up a sheet and a rain sheet at the last Greenhawk sale. We were all set for fall weather.

Until Tucker happened.

The Jerk ripped his brand new sheet. After only a week! It for sure happened in turnout. He’s turned out in a large field with a big group of geldings.

Now if it was only a rip I wouldn’t care so much. Pull out the needle and thread and stich it up, albeit not very well. But it would be functional. What he actually did was, god only knows how, snap off part of one of the metal buckles at the front and completely remove one belly strap (without causing a rip).IMG_0883

Nothing I can do about the belly strap but I Macgyver’d the front buckle/strap with vet wrap. I haven’t been up since Wednesday so no idea how well that held.

I’m blanketing this winter. No question about that. He grows a really think coat and sweats a lot. That’s not so good when the temps drop. So I’m also planning to trace clip to keep that problem in check.

But what happens when he destroys his winter blanket during the coldest months. When it’s too late to un-trace clip him. I can’t afford to replace blankets every week! Especially the big winter ones.

Is it selfish to want to pull him out of the group turnout for the winter? I’m not even sure if this is an option. I still have to talk to G.IMG_0881

I don’t know. I have so many mixed emotions about this.

Pro’s to blanketing and individual turnout
– I don’t want him to sweat and get chilled after a ride.
– I also don’t want him to get chilled when his blanket gets ripped off him out in the field.
– Less turnout in the coldest months may not be so bad.
– He’d still have horses he can socialize with over the fence.
– Chances of injury are slightly reduced if he’s not out in a group.
– I’d likely spend less money on replacing blankets and halters if he’s out alone.
– Less turn out. Especially right now when it’s still relatively nice.
– I want him to be out for as long as possible.
– I think that being in a group is good for him.

There seems to be more pro’s than con’s but that doesn’t make it any easier.

What would you do? Also Don’t forget to enter the SUDS contest.IMG_0709

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25 Responses to What’s Best For The Horse?

  1. Jackie V says:

    Ugh horses! Mine managed to put a foot thru his brand new BAKER sheet last year when someone turned him out in it, and he decided to run like a banshee and somehow remove it from his body completely strapped. Like, what? I am in the clip and blanket crowd myself, so especially if that feels right to you, go with your gut! My guy goes out alone and even Mr social butterfly is happy that way, mostly bc he gets all the grasses. But in the end, definitely do what is best for you and your horse!

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  2. Lauren says:

    Mine doesn’t destroy blankets much, but I don’t think I would sacrifice hours of turnout for this. If it’s just group vs individual that’d be fine, but if individual means less turnout I’d chance it and buy blankets with a lifetime guarantee.

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  3. Stephanie says:

    Ugh, what a pain! My horses are pretty good with their blankets (Moe’s turnout blanket *finally* gave up the ghost last year after about 8 years of use.)

    I’d second Lauren’s recommendation of blankets with lifetime guarantees. Dover and SmartPak both carry them. If you don’t want to fork out a ton of money, you can also look into blanket repair. My barn has a ‘blanket lady’ who repairs stuff for a modest fee. Many blanket brands also sell replacement straps! Good luck. 🙂

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    • Erin says:

      Thanks! I really wish we had Dover and Smartpak up here. I’ve gone the repair route before and I’ll for sure do it again. The problem for this year is that it’s still only the first year that I’ve owned him so I don’t have backup blankets yet. Fingers crossed there are ridiculous sales on blankets at the fall Greenhawk sale. That would make this all a none issue.


  4. Carly says:

    When my horse got turned out with a mouthy tool bag of a spoiled shit for brains last winter (really not a fan of said horse) who kept ripping Bobby’s blankets, I finally just bought a no-fill sacrifice sheet that I threw over all my real winter blankets. That way he could rip that up to his naughty delight, and if it got really bad, I had my horse left in for a day while I repaired it myself. Of course, this all depends on you being able to do speedy repairs at home.

    In winter, I don’t know that I’d mind a little less turnout to keep him by himself and my blankets safe, especially if you guys get a lot of snow.

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  5. Liz Stronach says:

    Unfortunately I find with blankets, you tend to get what you pay for. My horses have ripped up more Greenhawk brand blankets than I can count, whereas Schmoodle lived out year round in a group of rambunctious gelding last year in his various Rambos ($$) without any adverse effects. Ugh, I hate blanket shopping.

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  6. Courtney says:

    That stinks 😦 The only good solution I see is the $$$ blankets, cause they really do last a long time. Unless you get have a true horse of destruction. Then I have no solution.

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  7. emma says:

    ugh i am NOT envious of that problem. carly’s idea seems great, perhaps that’ll work? but yea, tougher blankets are also an option… but some horses are hell bent on destruction regardless of the deniers so… idk. good luck 😦

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  8. Bette says:

    I 2nd buying higher quality blankets and turning out. Though more expensive blankets do not always mean higher quality!!!! I have had fabulous success with the Rambo line- expensive up front but long term the cheapest option 🙂 no joke- still using a Rambo Wug that is 8+ years old on my pony Gus- plus the Rambo Wug survived an entire winter when his other backup blankets didn’t survive a day of turnout!

    But whichever decision you make it will be the right decision 🙂

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  9. Tracy - Fly On Over says:

    I have my horse on individual turnout because he doesn’t play with others. Thy run too much, get all sorts of scrapes and destroy their clothes in the winter. Sure, a group would be more ideal, but above all else I need my horse sound and healthy. So if that means he has to be alone in turnout, that’s what he gets!

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  10. Karley says:

    Blanket ripping is such a pain!!!

    Henry doesn’t go out with others but I imagine if he did, a blanket ripper is going to rip whatever it can.

    Like others said, smartpak has a lifetime blanket.

    I know Rambos are made really really well- expensive but worth it if it stays in one piece!

    Good luck!!


  11. Stephanie says:

    When I had him, I went through 3 blankets before I found one he didn’t rip. It was a shed row with a high neck made out of the strongest material at the time. Once I brought it to the barn, I covered it in rap last! After that, no more rips!

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    • Erin says:

      I stocked up on blankets at the greenhawk sale. He’s going out by himself now. He seems quite happy with his new arrangement… All the food is his. Lol


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