Duh Moment – What Comes After Rhythm

G’s out of town this week so no lesson tonight. Instead we had a makeup lesson on Sunday.IMG_5252

As you may recall, at the start of the summer it took us awhile to find our outdoor rhythm again. We eventually found it and were able to make it down the lines no problem.

Turns out rhythm isn’t enough. Who knew?!?!? I can’t just close my leg and aim towards the next fence. I actually have to ride.IMG_5269


It’s not like I’ve been getting refusals or run outs. Tucker is quite honest.

The thing is, our jumps could be better. I felt the better on Sunday.

G’s wife D was the one coaching us. She has a bit different style. I like that because you end up working on different things and it gives you other ways of looking at things.

She kept instructing me to apply different aids at different points around the course. For example we’d land off the in of a line and I’d close both legs to make the stride. But then she’d say close your outside leg. So we had the rhythm and then we got the perfect spot on a straight line by applying the proper aids. And the jumps felt GREAT! IMG_5294


Apparently I’ve been to much the passenger. Not that I’ve been sitting there doing nothing. Just not doing quite enough for the polished ride we want.

Flat ride tonight. Hopefully I’ll remember to focus on no stirrup work.

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14 Responses to Duh Moment – What Comes After Rhythm

  1. emma says:

    lol i know exactly what you mean about feeling more like passenger than pilot. love the idea of applying different aids in different places – seems like a great way to keep the horse tuning in!

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  2. Lauren says:

    Funny how much riding can help! I’m still learning that lesson. He’s jumping SO CUTE in the first picture.

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  3. Jackie V says:

    That sounds like the story of my life. Like, durrr I’m just gonna sit here and crawl around the course and not, ya know, establish pace. It’s amazing what happens when you actually add a little giddy up! Good job!

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  4. Liz Stronach says:

    Always good to get input from a slightly different perspective! Sounds like a good time.

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  5. I’m working on a similar thing — not just letting my pony float a few strides after the fence, but really riding those strides too!

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  6. Karen M says:

    Dem knees! So cute.

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  7. @hellomylivia and I have a saying: ride like ze Germans. Somehow, it clicks. Good stuff here!!


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