Viva Carlos – No Stirrup September

So L from Viva Carlos didn’t actually issue a challenge but I’m in anyway. Viva Carlos

As I’ve previously mentioned my leg is not what it used to be. Sad face. I used to have a leg that was rock solid. It never moved. And my heels never saw the sun.

If you look at some of the photo evidence on this blog you’ll notice a lower leg that sometimes swings back over jumps. WTF leg muscles!

WTF has happened to my leg!?!?!

WTF has happened to my leg!?!?!

And according to my coach my heel is starting to come up. That’s annoying. My guess is that it’s because Tucker takes so much leg and my leg is a little on the long side. So bringing up the heel is the cut corner way of getting the response I want. Bad rider! I’ve now got to teach myself to keep my heels down (again) and open the knee a little to squeeze properly.

My old lady joints are screaming. They’ll just have to suck it up. I have a feeling sorting out the heel issue will also help sort out the swinging leg issue.

On top of figuring that out, some no stirrup work would not go amiss. I know I’ve said I’d be adding in no stirrup work before. I did… for one or two rides and then I fell off the wagon. Bad rider is very bad! Lazy corner cutting you know.

This is one of the reasons why I love reading all your blogs. It makes me want to be better. You all are so motivating. So L, I’m joining your no stirrup September.

Not quite to the extreme of removing my stirrups though. A girls got to work up to that level. The last time I dropped my stirrups I pushed myself for 5 minutes. It was rough and it wasn’t pretty.

Do those heels look down to you?!?!

Do those heels look down to you?!?!

So, I’m setting myself a goal with the possibility of a step up. I want to be able to ride with relative ease without stirrups for 15 minutes by the end of September. The step up will be 20 minutes. The reason for not just going for the twenty is because 1. I want to ride the 15 with ease, none of this rough struggle do it just to say you did it once crap and 2. classes start next week so I’m not quite sure how much time I’ll have to actually get up to the barn.

Starting part way through September 15 minutes seems doable to me. I just stopped myself from saying something slightly negative here. No more negativity! This is happening! Watch out September 30th I’m coming for you!

How often/long to you drop your stirrups?

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18 Responses to Viva Carlos – No Stirrup September

  1. Courtney says:

    Good luck!! I admire anyone that does it. Maybe you can be my inspiration to do it too! I barely ever drop my stirrups. I need to get with the program, I don’t even want to look at my legs haha.

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  2. emma says:

    also wishing you good luck! i’m SUPER bad about dropping my irons, and almost never do it. but i also have creeping heel syndrome and loose lower leg disorder so… yea haha. i think the reason i never end up dropping the stirrups is bc i feel less effective as a rider while i jostle around up there, so if i want to really school the horse i need my stirrups… idk tho that might just be me trying to rationalize why it’s ok not to practice haha

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    • Erin says:

      That is exactly how I feel. I can’t at the moment concentrate on schooling him while trying to stay balanced without stirrups. My plan is to do some schooling first and then let him plod along while I sort my shit out. Hopefully by the end it’ll get better.


  3. Stephanie says:

    Good luck- you can do it!

    I drop my stirrups for 10-15 minutes every time I ride. Sometimes it’s easier for me to ask for lateral movements when my feet aren’t in stirrups, sometimes I warm up without them and stretch and flex my ankles and knees and hips.

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  4. carey says:

    Good for you! I try to drop mine a bit each ride, even if only a couple laps, but I have been slacking. Time to get back to it!

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  5. L. Williams says:

    Definitely think of it as prep for No Stirrup November! lol

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  6. Karley says:

    go girl!!!

    I need to be more consistent about doing no stirrup work in every hack… Soooo hard lol

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  8. Tracy - Fly On Over says:

    I’m doing some no-stirrup work this month too! We can all join in the misery, yes?

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