Why I Would Make a Terrible Jumper

I would seriously make the worst jumper ever. Even knowing that I sometimes get this crazy notion that I’ll enter a jumper class at the next show. Then I get strongly reminded of why that’s a very bad idea. IMG_4823

Every now and then coach G will give us a jumper lesson. These are usually fine because he normally has us do more hunter like courses within the jumper course. The longer lines and approaches are there if you look for them. I also think that it’s good for Tucker to change it up every now and then… in a lesson environment that is.

That being said, all it takes is a slightly more technical jumper course to make my riding fall apart. I thank my lucky stars for Tucker. He saves my ass all the time but it’s not always pretty.

We like the long spot:

I don't even remember having this long spot but obviously it happened.

What can I say. We’re hunters. We like the hunter distances. And we like boxes and flowers. We know how to ride to a jump with filler. Those jumper jumps (JJ) need ground lines! More often than not we end up under the JJ, riding right past the takeoff spot. I can’t even tell you how many times G had to pick up rails we knocked down last night.

We can’t ride jumper triples or in and outs:

Nice bascule!

This is what I imagine it kinda looks like when we add a stride in a 2 stride JJ triple combination. That is of course when I’m not failing so miserably we knock the whole thing down with my knee…

Hunter courses are flowy. Our lines are long. Even our triple combinations are set longer and more inviting. There’s none of this 2 stride to a 2 stride crap.

I forget jumps:

I have no idea how you jumpers remember where you’re supposed to be going. Even with G giving us a more hunter like track I get lost. I’ll miss the last jump because I’m so happy I’ve made it through the scary parts of the course alive. Or I’m so focused on where I’m supposed to be going I forget to do things that G asks us to do. “Halt on a straight line after fence 3”. No thank you very much, I am much to overjoyed that I survived 3 to worry about your halt and must now worry about surviving the next bit.

We’re hunters because I like the repetitiveness of a hunter course. There’s something soothing about being on course and knowing you’ve got the right rhythm and distances and not worrying about the turn or your next obstacle.

We’re to pretty to waste ourselves on jumpers:

Tucker rage!

Haha. Just kidding. But look at those knees!

Lets be honest, hunter classes are basically beauty pageants. Okay yes there are things that are judged. But if the best looking horse has the nicest jump it’s going to win. Tuck may not be the best looking or moving horse but as long as I ride properly his jump can often beat out those prettier horses. Hell I can’t even say we’ll never win a hack anymore because we just did it (more on that tomorrow hopefully).

None of that matters in a jumper class. Leave up the rails, be the most efficient and you’ll pin. But we’re hunters because I like the challenge. Of course there’s challenge in jumpers, but it’s different. I don’t know if I can explain this right. I love the the challenge of beating out the expensive warmblood because we’ve worked hard and honed our hunter skills that little bit better.

What do you love about your discipline of choice? Or not like about the other disciplines?

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12 Responses to Why I Would Make a Terrible Jumper

  1. Carly says:

    I love how it’s a thing to go the longest route possible in hunters. That helps my crazy brain slow down and remember that we have to do another jump and to sit back up and ride again. I don’t understand how jumpers remember their courses either. I don’t have a problem remembering my single stadium round for eventing, but having to do MORE rounds, some right after the other, in jumpers? No. Literally impossible.

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  2. Stephanie says:

    The repetitive nature of hunters was what drove me nuts about it during my very brief foray! That, and the slow pace. I like the speed of eventing (and jumpers)!

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  3. Courtney says:

    I like all your reasons for because I agree with them, even though it’s only in theory since I’m still learning. I love the soothing concept, that’s what I need!
    I also love dressage for the analytical-ness of it. To me, it feels a lot like a+b=c (with slight variations of course), so it’s like if you know the formula, you just have to plug in the right movement.

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  4. Karley says:

    I ride hunters but trainer does lots of eq and jumper stuff with us too so that when we get to shows it’s no big deal… But I will stick to my hunter/eq/handy stuff thanks 🙂

    I am very math brain and like to know what is expected of me and how I am expected to perform 🙂


    • Erin says:

      Making shows NBD is exactly why G does that stuff with us too. I just wish he’d scrap the lines shorter than 4 strides. haha.
      Hunters is great for that! I feel the same.


  5. carey says:

    I love the jumper courses. Too long of an approach and I pick or second guess myself. If it’s a tight turn I HAVE to sit up and ride through it, and I usually do. I think my mind thinks too fast, so jumper courses keep up with it (“bending line here, roll back next and here we are tight inside turn, sit up and leg”). Maybe? That kinda makes sense to me.

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  6. emma says:

    As a former hunter rider, the speed of jumpers classes throws me off quite a bit. However I love the technical nature of the courses. So the show jumping rounds at an event work really well for me. They’re only timed in that there’s a optimum time, and it’s nbd if I flub a distance or lead so long as the jump stays up!!

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