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Thanks Liz for the blog post idea. She just posted about ‘how to break your 14 month no-fall-off streak‘. Read it. It’s funny. I’m not being an ass, I mean that what she wrote was funny. Not that she fell … Continue reading

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An Impromptu Clinic

Last night I arrived at the barn after work and was advised that we would be lessoning clinic style. What fun! There were seven of us riding and for the most part we were on our usual mounts. The plan … Continue reading

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Boot Camp Update – Weekend Rides

I haven’t done one of these updates in a while. That’s mainly because I haven’t been doing too much other than gradually increasing the length of time we work in the ring. That’s really not that interesting. But none the … Continue reading

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Skills Development Hunter Jumper Schooling Show August 16 2015

Why don’t posts write themselves?

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Why I Would Make a Terrible Jumper

I would seriously make the worst jumper ever. Even knowing that I sometimes get this crazy notion that I’ll enter a jumper class at the next show. Then I get strongly reminded of why that’s a very bad idea.

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Something To Talk About Blog Hop – It’s Ok to be Weird

It’s blog hop time. I’m loving all of your great blog hop ideas. It’s really helping to get me through the summer blog writing doldrums. Kaitlyn from Something To Talk About says “show me some silly moments of you and … Continue reading

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Darcy Tucker… not the Hockey Player

I’ve been keeping a secret from you. It’s a good one that I’m super excited about.

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6 Non-Horsey Things I Can’t Live Without

I’m going to be a bit wishy washy to start. My fault for being a little MIA lately. What can I say. It’s summer. Hopefully I’ll make the jump back on the bandwagon soon.

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Saying Goodbye

The worst part about pets is saying goodbye. The goodbyes are sometimes so bad that you swear up and down you’ll never do it again. You’ll never give your heart to another short lived creature. The pain of lose is … Continue reading

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5 Things I Don’t Need Right Now

Lessons lately have been fairly craptastic. Not the lessons themselves and not 100% of the lesson. But basically it seems as though I’ve forgotten how to ride. But that’s riding. Hopefully I get my shit back together before the show … Continue reading

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