September 10 – 14 2014 Trillium Championships

It’s the final post about our 2014 show season. As you might be able to tell from the title of this post, we went to 2014 champs. Coach G said that not everyone makes it and you can’t rely on a future opportunity. With horses you just never know.

So we came, we saw, but we did not conquer.

Rain Sucks!

Rain Sucks!

It was cold and it RAINED. We all know that I do dumb things in the rain and Tucker puts on the NO WAY AM I LEAVING LONG BREAKS in the rain.

At the Championships, for the Adult Armature 2’6″ Hunter Division there were four over fences classes and a hack. The classes were split over two days and were held in two different rings. Classes were pinned to 10th place instead of the usual 8th. IMG_0318Wednesday: Move in day. Just like the Zone Classic I had a friend load him on the trailer and then hack him around the property when they got there. IMG_0323Thursday: I got my championship goody bag. Inside there was a hoof pick, a brush with championships printed on it, treats, a hat also with championships printed on it, and random other things.

There was no warm-up round. Which means there was no figuring out how to ride the lines prior to the real deal. Boo!

Buried him here. Such a good boy!

Buried him here. Such a good boy!

The first two over fences and the hack ran Thursday. Did I mention it was raining and mucky. Yep I rode like crap. Tuck was sucking back in the mud, which means we weren’t making the striding, I wasn’t pushing enough and he was refusing to leave long (I can’t really blame him). Ugly rounds! And out of the top horse from all the zones (26 total) there was no way we were pinning in the hack. IMG_0319Friday: The second and third over fences were on Friday. It was cold, not as rainy, but just as mucky. I rode almost as crappy. For the fourth over fences class I ended up jogging 11th (just out of the ribbons. Sad face.) out of 26 entries. IMG_0320Saturday: It was still cold and back to pouring rain. The 2’6″ Hunter Classic was the last class we had. The rain stopped a bit before I went in the ring. Thankfully the footing in the ring that the classic was running had held up and was pretty good. The round wasn’t going too badly (you know other then picking up the wrong lead to start) and then we got to the diagonal line. I pushed and pushed for the striding, but we didn’t make it… wait that’s not quite right. We made the correct number of strides but there was a HUGE gap on the out. We had a dangerous long spot (photo evidence below).


OMG!!! or as Oliva would say we launched from downtown!

So we got no pretty ribbons from champs (boo!) and we ended the season on a kinda shit note. But live and learn… or maybe just never ride in the rain and muck again.

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16 Responses to September 10 – 14 2014 Trillium Championships

  1. hellomylivia says:

    Hehe downtown launches are never as fun as they look. I feel your pain. Sounds like Tuck was a good boy though, even if he hated the mud!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Karen M says:

    Riding in the rain is the worst!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lauren says:

    I would have given you a ribbon just for making it over that last oxer. Holy long spot!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. emma says:

    wowza – pony’s got scope to make it from that long spot! sounds like you made the best of it given the circumstances, even if it wasn’t the greatest show to end the year on. riding in iffy footing situations is definitely not my favorite either!


  5. rachelum33 says:

    Congratulations! I know that you didn’t win the ribbons that you wanted but hey you completed a whole show season safe and sound! Hanging on over those long spots deserves a congratulations alone!

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  6. Karley says:

    Rain and mud make me worry about slipping!! Glad you were able to push thru!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Erin says:

      I used to be really concerned about slipping too. But Tuck is (for lack of a better word) sturdy. It’s kinda like trying to roll a square… not impossible but not at all easy. lol. His problem is more getting bogged down.


  7. vanessajeanwhite@adventuresofarerider says:

    Congrats on a great 2014 season. I hate riding in mud too so good job getting out there and doing it!

    Liked by 1 person

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