Field Boot Review and Rant

I think that I’ve eluded to this before, but if not you’ve now seen enough pictures to know, I’m not a small girl. I stand 5’10” and a 1/2 and weigh… well let’s just say that’s a work in progress. Regardless of my weight I’ve always had large calves.IMG_1445

Actually I think that even at my smallest my calves were the same size they are now. I was always a custom boot candidate. At 17-18″ around and 20″ tall there aren’t any boots off the rack (I’m aware of) that will fit.

Actually I don’t think even the boots that come tall are quite tall enough. Especially once they get worked in and drop. But I’m willing to give up the correct height. Obviously not for showing but I have a pair of semi-custom Cavallo’s for that.

All I want is a “cheap” pair of field boots to school in. Because lets be really, custom and semi-custom boots are big $$$. Who can afford two pairs?!?! Certainly not this ammy.

half chaps that cause rubs on Tucks side. Hence the desire for schooling field boots.

half chaps that cause rubs on Tucks side. Hence the desire for schooling field boots.

One of my main goals when I went down to Florida was to try and find a pair of field boots that would work for me. NIGHTMARE!!! In my opinion there is way more selection in the US than up here in Canada. I could be wrong, maybe I just haven’t looked enough. But I did some research and was hopeful I’d at least find something wide enough.

I REALLY wanted to try the Ovation Flex Plus Field Boots. Mostly because I like their breeches a lot. The fit and quality is good so it stands to reason that I’d like their boots too. Dover was out of stock though and The Tackeria didn’t have the right size. They only had an 8 (I wear 10) short. So I saw it and it was awkward but I tried to put it around my calf. I thought it might work. The lady helping me said they could order it and ship it to me. AND she said they could order it tall. What?!?! I didn’t think it came tall. She said different stores are able to get different things. Okay. So we went through a VERY long process of figuring out how much shipping would be and if it would be affordable. I agreed it was doable. Then the lady looked in the catalogue… just kidding we can’t get them tall. So I didn’t end up ordering them. I was willing to take the risk when I thought they’d be closer to my size but not when they would for sure be way off. I had no way of knowing what they’d look like until they got to me. Sad face.

We went to a bunch more stores. Even a consignment. Nothing. The last store we went to was Silver Spur Equestrian Emporium. I was about to give up, actually I almost didn’t even say anything to the clerk that asked if I was looking for anything.  But I did. I tried a couple that didn’t work and then she said hang on she had one more option. She brought in this big box and explained that she was about to send these boots back as she hadn’t been able to find anyone that they fit. Enter Tuffrider ladies plus rider field boots.


Cavallo because I have no pictures of the uggos.

They were only a 9. But my foot fit no problem. They were way to short. But they zipped up. They were not the most attractive boots but the price was right at $189. So I bought them.

I am now 5 rides in. I’m not happy. They are short which is annoying but I knew that when I bought them. They were soft from the start. Yay no work in time. Their ugliness is getting to me a little now but I feel like that could have happened with any boot. What can I say, I’m pick and I had to settle. What’s really pissing me off is that they are already falling apart. WTF!!!! 5 I repeat 5 rides in. The right boot wont stay zipped up. Even during my first ride with them the zipper started falling. And yesterday when I took them off I noticed that the zipper on the left boot is starting to rip off. Quality is CRAP! There is no way this should be happening. I could understand if my calf was stretching them to breaking point but it’s not. There’s actually extra room and they feel slightly to loose.

Angry ostrich says WTF?!?!

Angry ostrich says WTF?!?!

I guess you get what you pay for. But really I’d expect a little more time for $189.

What are your field boot woes?

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17 Responses to Field Boot Review and Rant

  1. hellomylivia says:

    #tallgirlproblems. I had to get my local Dover to ship in my boots and they were literally the last talls left in the warehouse. I thought I was gonna have to fight someone to get them. I’m pretty in love with my boots so far, but I do worry about height- I have weird long monkey legs so I’m concerned that after they drop, even the talls won’t be tall enough. Luckily they’re cut super high so they should still look good, but I’m hoping they don’t drop tooooo much.

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  2. Stephanie says:

    Girl, I feel your pain! I’m 5’9 and my calves are somewhere in the neighborhood of 17-18″. A few years ago, I bought the only pair of 18″ calf boots I could find, some sort of cheap Tredstone thing. They were about $200, ugly as sin, and I had to have the zippers replaced in them TWICE. But I kept them because they fit!

    I got a pair of Horze’s soft leather half chaps for schooling last year, and while they were great (and fit pretty well), the zipper broke after about 3 months and I’ve yet to get them replaced. (Mostly because I keep forgetting to email Horze about it.) A couple of months ago, I bought a pair of Ariat Heritage Contour boots, and I like them a lot. They’re a little short and started out a little snug around my calf, but they’ve broke in well and are holding up to continuous use. I think the calf is 17.5″?

    It’s disappointing the Ovation Flex Plus doesn’t come in tall. 😦

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    • Erin says:

      I just came across the Tredstep Donatello field boots. It looks like they come in tall. I wonder what those are like.
      Half chaps just aren’t made like the used to be. I had a pair that lasted 5+ years. They were great. There was a strap at the top so that you could pull them tight and they’d stay in place. I can’t find any with a strap now.


  3. Lauren says:

    Dude, I think you and I could join together to write a novel about how much we hate field boots. I’ve been going through a tall boot dilhemma for so long that my husband banned the topic in our house, hahahaha. I can’t find anything either and am really frustrated.

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    • Erin says:

      Hahaha! I’m game. Or maybe we could just start a petition/campaign to have companies make realistic sized boots.
      Even the custom/semi-custom route doesn’t always work. I’m not as happy with my Cavallos as I feel I should be.


  4. Karley says:

    Bummer!! Hope you can find some!!

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  5. rachelum33 says:

    I am 5’9″ with a 19″ calf so I know your pain! I plan on doing a post on this too. I am currently showing in the Devon Aire Camdens I got them on sale for only $120! Since I was just getting back into showing and had to buy all new show gear I was going cheap! They actually aren’t that bad. Definitely not the greatest but they have held up for a season and a half and are still going. The elastic is starting to fray though. My next pair will be Treadstep Donatellos–plus-size-11651?ProductID=2109743707&cm_sp=wishlist-_-add-_-na I am hoping to get gift certificates for Christmas!

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  6. vanessajeanwhite@adventuresofarerider says:

    I have a 16 inch calf and I love my Ariat Heritage Contours. I believe they have a 17.5 calf width. They are really worth a try!

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