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Wordless and Horseless Wednesday – Moules-Frites


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Boot Camp Update

Tucker inadvertently got the day off on Saturday. I coached all day and then was told not to ride after his chiropractic adjustment. Not a good start to boot camp.

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Making Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments that is. Back in April I noticed something a little off with Tuckers stride. At first I only felt it at the trot and only to the right. It wasn’t every step. And every ride was different in … Continue reading

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Lesson Night – Mostly Pictures

Not much to report. Our lesson last night had good moments and not so good moments. Nothing new though. Just more of the same forward rhythm inconsistencies.

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Lesson Night – Derby Courses are Fun!

Can someone please explain to me how after almost 4 days off (due to weather) and a drastic drop in temperature my horse was dead off my leg?!?! In my experience the combination of those two things usually equals an … Continue reading

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August 17 2014 RCRA Trillium 2

So we left off after RCRA Trillium 1 with two 1sts, a 2nd, a 3rd and a champion ribbon. Which means I got a lot of points. Which means I moved way up in the standings. Which means if I … Continue reading

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