Hand Gallop Blog Hop: What’s Your Everyday Tack Setup?

My first blog hop… I hope I link everything right!!! Thanks Stephanie for the great topic!

hgbhAs you may or may not know I’ve been riding Tucker for over a year now. Back in May of this year I decided to buy him instead of re-leasing.

I had a lot of tack with my old horse. Most of which I left with my friend when I gave her KC. All that I kept was a breast plate and a large number of bits. The breast plate is now moldy (gross!) and not needed by Tucker and the bits I gave to my coach because they are too small for Tuck’s big mouth.

Needless to say I’m not rich and have therefore not acquired much since purchasing Tuck. Our everyday and show setup is basically the same. Except that I keep a nice white shaped saddle pad just for showing (in the hopes it’ll stay white).

Saddle: Luc Childeric model M that I bought used last year after deciding it was time to switch from my much older all purpose Jeffries.IMG_4078
Stirrups: I’m pretty sure they are no name (or at least I don’t remember the brand) double jointed bendy stirrups. I really want to try the MDC ‘S’ Flex.
Girth: I was using a cheap unknown brand that matched my saddle colour. But John bought me a Luc Childeric girth for my birthday. The leather is so much nicer. No more pinching.
Saddle pads: 2 black and 2 white baby pads, 2 ‘white’ shaped pads, 1 white shaped pad for showing, 1 gel pad and 1 Ogilvy like (but way cheaper) memory foam pad.
Bridle: Before I decided to buy Tuck I picked up a cheap unknown brand bridle that matched the rest of my tack and a separate flash that I occasional use. The leather isn’t that nice. It feels kinda cheap. But it looks ok and it’s held up well. This might be the next thing I’ll replace. I’m not really sure what brand though. Suggestions??? IMG_0319
Bits: 5 ¼” Myler level one with a twist and 5 ¼” Myler level one without the twist
Polos/Boots: White and black polos leftover from KC and a pair of Equifit T-boots with Velcro closure for the fronts that I splurged on.

That’s it… for now.

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7 Responses to Hand Gallop Blog Hop: What’s Your Everyday Tack Setup?

  1. Cool post! I really like this blog hop. It’s so fun to read about everyone’s setups 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Stephanie says:

    This blog hop has me itching to get a memory foam pad!!


    • Erin says:

      Have you tried one yet? I would suggest trying one before buying if you can. Especially if you’re going to splurge on an Ogilvy. They are ok but I prefer my old gel pad.


  3. Karley says:

    Is really really really like my Harwich smartpak bridle, its great for the price 🙂

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