Boot Camp Update

I had good intentions of kicking Tuck’s big butt into gear. And then I got sick.IMG_0681

Saturdays ride was mostly spent trying not to die from lack of air to the lungs. We spent 40 minutes in the ring. A lot of walking was done. Quite a bit of trot was also done. We worked on keeping him rounded and on the bit and moving forward from behind (at all gaits). As I already mentioned we did a bit of lead change work.IMG_6155

There seems to be a trend…

Boot camp FAIL!IMG_6194

By Sunday I was able to breathe again. Sorry, not sorry Tuck! Time to work!

I started the ride with getting him to move off my leg at the walk. I feel like the walk is a very underappreciated gait. I wonder if having a good walk would help us do better in a hack class… I would think that if we have a quality walk and a ‘nicer’ horse doesn’t we may pin ahead of said horse??? I suppose anything is possible and worth a try. So we walked.

And then we trotted. A LOT. I like to start off on a long rein so that he gets a chance to stretch out before I ask him to round. Once I felt he was warmed up I started pushing him forward into contact. It took a bit of work to get him on the bit. Not his fault. Not counting the laughable Saturday ride, I hadn’t really ridden in a week.

Once he figured out what I was asking or more likely decided to stop being stubborn about it I started to work off the rail. One of the problems that we had at the show was with steer-ability. So I turned all over the place, circled jumps, cut across the ring, and did lots of change of bend. Thankfully Tuck decided this was fun and gave me good forward rhythm.IMG_6159

From there we moved on to the canter and continued to work off the rail. The next problem I wanted to iron out was moving forward out of the turn. That rollback turn at the show really killed us. So I asked Tuck to circle around every jump and made sure to squeeze when coming off the circle. Over all he was a good boy. We finished off with a few lead changes and called it a day.

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6 Responses to Boot Camp Update

  1. hellomylivia says:

    Sounds like a great plan of attack! I’m working on improving my walk quality too, so let me know if you come up with any awesome exercises that I can steal 😉

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  2. vanessajeanwhite says:

    I agree that the walk is under rated. Good for you for working on it. Sounds like a very productive ride. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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