Boot Camp Update

Tucker and I lesson twice a week and I flat ride him on my own twice a week. My friend J (not to be confused by coach J) rides him in a lesson once a week because I just can’t get to the barn more (usually).IMG_0372

My plan has been to turn my flat rides into get Tucker into better shape boot camp. Only that hasn’t turned out so well. Since the implementation of ‘boot camp 2015’ I’ve had one flat ride. Last week’s flat rides equal zero.

I even got up to the barn an extra day last week. But it was raining. So Friday turned into a spa day instead. Tuck got his mane pulled and braided over, face shaved (draft crosses be hairy!), legs clipped and tail washed and braided in preparation for the Sunday show.

So last week looked like this: day off Monday, lesson Tuesday, J ride Wednesday, lesson Thursday, rain day Friday, makeup lesson Saturday and then showed Sunday. He’s getting worked but not kick the ass in gear worked.

Tucker sticks his tongue out at negativity

Spa day did not consist of bathing due to the rain.

Hopefully this week will be better. Although, Sunday is father’s day and John and I are going to a baseball game with his parents. Sooooo it’s not looking promising. It kinda sucks living so far from the barn.

The one really good thing that’s happened lately (aside from the chiro adjustment) is the flat lesson we had last week. It helped remind me how I should be riding and has made our rides/warm ups more purposeful. AND resulted in some higher placed satin on Sunday (more on that another day). Yay!

I’m still looking for flat exercise ideas. Do you have any favourites?

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2 Responses to Boot Camp Update

  1. vanessajean says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the show! For flat work I like serpentines over poles. They really get RB bending and listening to my leg. Old fashioned but I enjoy them and you can do them in all gaits.

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