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So You Want To Be An Anthropologist pt.1

Aka what I’d rather be doing with my day.

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July 19-20 2014 Summerfest Trillium

We left off after the last show with three run outs and one 8th place ribbon. In summation a rather crappy show for us. But at this point in the season I was getting point hungry and qualification for Championships … Continue reading

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Thursday Night Lesson – I Said Forward Damn It!

This week lessons haven’t gone so well for me. Tuesday I had a very tired horse that conked out part way through the lesson and on Thursday I had all the intentions of getting back to normal and riding him … Continue reading

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Shit Storm Spiral of Negativity and Despair

Ok so the title is a bit of an exaggeration. Life is really not that bad. But I have been overly negative lately and it’s making me unhappy. The problem with negative thoughts though is that they do tend to … Continue reading

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Tuesday Night Lesson – Vaccines + Worming = Tired Tucker

It seemed as though Tucker had recovered by Sunday from his vaccines. He was nice and forward and moving off my leg without a problem. And then Monday they got wormed. So last night I barely had a horse a … Continue reading

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Bath Time!

This weekend was fairly laid back for riding. Friday the vet was out to give everyone their yearly vaccines. So rides were kept light and easy.

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July 5th 2014 Blue Star Trillium

If I had to choose one word to sum up this show it would be disaster. The success that we had at the previous show did not in any form carry forward to Blue Star. So you know how after … Continue reading

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Thursday Night Lesson – Half Seat

I have two things to talk about today. Firstly, my lesson last night was amazing! It’s like all of a sudden a bunch of things clicked into place for me. We were down in the main hunter ring again (the … Continue reading

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