August 10 2014 RCRA Trillium 1

August 8th – 10th was the first in the RCRA Summer Trillium series. The high point winner of each division would win a wool cooler at the end of the series. The summer series consisted of only two shows and to qualify for high point you had to show in both. This was not my plan.IMG_0309

My plan was to enter into the minimum number of shows (which was 7 for my division) in order to get a pretty ribbon at the end of year banquet.

And then this show happened.

And I got point hungry.

And into a qualifying position for Championships.IMG_0375But let’s back up a step. This show began like all the others, with over the top crazy nerves. We were back at the show grounds where the Jokers Hill Trillium took place. I wasn’t too concerned that we’d have the same problems though. We were drawing close to the end of the summer which means we’d had over 3 months to figure each other out.IMG_0226We ended up 6th out of 11 entries in the warm-up.

This show was not perfect. I had some not ideal distances but they weren’t terrible. We put in the right striding in the lines. We had two missed leads, one was at the very end of a course and the other was after the first jump of another round. Both were swapping left to right. Our nemesis.IMG_0321While waiting for the jog I was chatting with some of the girls we compete against. Some of them had issues with their rounds too.

There were 12 entries in the division. I was thinking we’d be jogging for the one round that went well.IMG_0216Then we jogged 2nd and got told to wait in the ring.

Then we jogged 1st and again were told to wait in the ring.

And jogged 1st again.

Say what?!?!?IMG_0542We quickly threw the saddle back on and I went into the warm-up ring to remind Tucker what long and low hacking should look like.IMG_0467And then we hacked. I later found out that during the hack line up my coaches were turning away from the ring… Tucker pin against 12 much nicer moving horses. Not a chance! And then we got called 3rd. We were all beyond shocked. We had improved but not that much. The judge clearly liked us!

This is what it looks like when the judge really like you

This is what it looks like when the judge really likes you

We ended up champion of the Adult Armature 2’6″ Hunter Division.

“Did someone say cookies?”

So we had some screw ups. But over all I rode well, Tucker performed well, and I was proud of the trips we laid down (ticked about the leads but whatever the jumps were spot on).

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6 Responses to August 10 2014 RCRA Trillium 1

  1. hellomylivia says:

    What an awesome show! Legit every single one of these pictures is gorgeous/hilarious/wonderful (and sometimes a little bit of each)!


  2. Tracy says:

    Weee! That’s so awesome 😀


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