August 2 2014 Blue Star Trillium

Another 2014 show season catch-up post this week. I don’t have anything else to report as I haven’t been out to the barn since our Tuesday night lesson. Plus I have four more 2014 shows to write about and our 2015 season starts next weekend.IMG_0193

If you’ve read any of my other show posts, what I’m about to say probably won’t be surprising. I was nervous. The previous show at Blue Star did not go to well for us. And the night before my division ran there was a terrible storm. The previous show at Pickering Horse Centre had a terrible storm and I didn’t ride very well. My nerves were crap! Complete with dry heaves.

Can someone please remind me why I do this!?!?!?!

The morning of the show the weather had thankfully cleared up. The footing was wet but good.

Ok so I'm missing my head in this one BUT how cute are those knees!!!

Ok so I’m missing my head in this one BUT how cute are those knees!!!

As per usual I botched the warm-up trying to figure out how the lines rode. Really I should just know that I need to ride forward to make the striding but I guess that riding the add in the warm up calms me (marginally). We made it over everything without any run outs (Yay!). We ended up 7th out of 8 entries in the warm-up.IMG_0196

Not a bad start.

Thankfully my coach always puts me at the top of the order. So I was able to get the 3 over fences done with and then relax a bit before the jog and hack.IMG_0195

The first course went really well for us and so did the third. We ended up with a 2nd and 3rd place respectively out of 7 entries. I don’t remember specifics but I probably added in a line in the third course and ended up with a 7th place. No big deal. I was super happy with the results. And even more happy that we had zero run outs.

Snack time!

Snack time!

And then the hack.

This is my proudest moment. Yes we pinned at Pickering Horse Centre in the hack. But that can be explained by how bad the weather was that weekend. All it took was one horse acting up for us to not pin last.IMG_0191

There was no excuse at this show. The weather was good. The footing was good. There were only 7 entries and therefore the ring was not cramped. Tucker hacked like a pro. All the work I put in getting him to go long and low finally paid off. We pinned 5th!!!

Tucker standing in the hack line up WITHOUT making a face

Tucker standing in the hack line up WITHOUT making a face

This show started with so much anxiety and ended on the best note yet.

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3 Responses to August 2 2014 Blue Star Trillium

  1. Tracy says:

    I’m impressed that you can remember these shows from so far back! Sometimes when I do a blog not even a week later, I need to watch the videos to remember it all, haha. Anyways, congrats on conquering your nerves! I think that’s one of the most difficult aspects of showing.


    • erinattssf says:

      Oh boy! I’m faking it real good then. My memory is not so hole proof. I had to go back through the show bills to remember my placings and then fill in the details I could from that.


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