Bath Time!

This weekend was fairly laid back for riding. Friday the vet was out to give everyone their yearly vaccines. So rides were kept light and easy.IMG_0140

Saturday we mostly just walked and trotted around the property. We did a little in each of the rings that have been opened and then headed out to the back field for a bit.

"Is this necessary?"

“Is this necessary?”

This was followed by spa treatments for the Tucker.

"We are not amused."

“We are not amused.”

IMG_0121 IMG_0122

"Are we done now?"

“Are we done now?”

It’s only just gotten warm enough here to bathe so this was his first of the season.IMG_0125

He wasn’t blanketed all winter so he was a filthy mess.

All Clean!

All Clean!

Sunday he was a lot less tired from his vaccines so we did a little circle/figure 8 work. He gave me 4 clean lead changes.

"Mom there are definitely giant squirrels in the trees" "Tucker those are ponies."

“Mom there are definitely giant squirrels in the trees”
“Tucker those are ponies.”

Then we hacked down the road with S and her leased horse Romeo.

Uneventful but satisfying weekend.

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5 Responses to Bath Time!

  1. Jodi says:

    Tucker makes some great bathtime faces 🙂


  2. Karen M says:

    His bath time faces are adorable!


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