July 5th 2014 Blue Star Trillium

If I had to choose one word to sum up this show it would be disaster. The success that we had at the previous show did not in any form carry forward to Blue Star. So you know how after a good ride/lesson/show you build yourself up in your mind. You can do anything, nothing is impossible, you’re the best rider in the world! Ok maybe that’s a bit of a stretch but you get the idea. I had high hopes of top placings again. Spoiler alert… that didn’t happen.

Getting over the second fence of the diagonal line

Getting over the second fence of the diagonal line

As usual I competed in the 2’6″ Adult Amateur Hunter Division, and as usual it ran first. We got there early enough to hack in the rings. Then Tucker gave a big F-U to the show and proceeded to do things he’d never done before. Which caught me way off guard and I didn’t ride I just sat there. I sucked.

What do you mean run outs aren't part of the course???

What do you mean run outs aren’t part of the course???

For our first round, we were coming to the out of the second line of the course. A diagonal line, marked on the below diagram as “Line of DEATH!” The line jumped on a right rein. I’m really not sure what happened. Maybe he got distracted, maybe the strange fence line threw him off, or maybe I just suck. Instead of jumping out of the line, Tuck ran out to the left. He caught me so off guard I didn’t even smack him. That was so NOT my Tucker. So I circled around. I passed the first of the diagonal on the left side to try and block him from running out to the left again. It didn’t work. We had a second run out at the same fence. I was still not expecting it but this time I gave him a good smack and rode more aggressively to it the third time. We got around the rest of the course without incident but needless to say we didn’t pin.BS

Our second round didn’t go much better. I was all prepared to ride that line more proactively this time. We were going to jump OUT on the first try. Which we did… except we didn’t jump in on the first try. ARE YOU F’ING KIDDING ME!!! He refused the first of the line and got a really good smack for it. And now I was mad. When I’m mad I ride way more aggressively. So we made it around without any more run outs. I’m sure I don’t need to say this but of course there was no pretty ribbon for this horrible round either.

You can see the first of the diagonal line in the background

You can see the first of the diagonal line in the background

Round three. We had no more run outs. We made it around the whole course but it wasn’t very pretty. I was happy that we were able to end on kind of a good note. Out of 10 entries we placed 8th for this round.



I’m still kind of confused by this show. Tucker doesn’t run out. I point him to the jump and he jumps it.



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4 Responses to July 5th 2014 Blue Star Trillium

  1. hellomylivia says:

    I had something similar happen at my last show: usually my girl is point and shoot but every so often she just NOPES and leaves. If I’m lucky I can feel it starting a few strides out and can whoop her ass over the fence. Sometimes not so lucky. Goofy horses!


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