How to Be a Responsible Adult

17kdjxvdqvygyjpgAn alternative title to this post could be “what to do with your tax return”. Yes it’s that time of year again when we pray to the money gods to make it rain. Thankfully because I’m a part time student I get to claim tuition so I get a bit of a refund.

If you google search “how to spend your tax return” (or something like that) there are a multitude of sites that pop up giving all sorts of advise from how to plan for the future to how to have a really good time to the what not to do. All offer something; if not good advice at least some insight into the dumb stuff people can get up to.

If you’re looking for advice on how to adult check out the different financial or news sites that tout responsibility. They give ideas like: Save for college, bulk up your emergency fund, lighten your debt load, add to your retirement fund, tackle maintenance projects, buy life insurance. As equestrians I’m sure that we can relate to at least some of these. Emergency funds are always good. We all know that you just never know what could happen when it comes to horses. Which of us doesn’t have horse/riding/board/tack debt, assuming that you’re not one of those super rich equestrians that is. Putting it away for extra lessons, clinics or the upcoming show season would also be smart.a-canadian-money

If you’re looking for advice on fun things to do with your tax return check out the plethora of vacation/travel sites that are papered with pictures of exotic locales. If you’re a foodie, splurge on that restaurant you’ve been dying to try. Adventure junkies should consider getting their SCUBA certification. Book a trip to Europe, Africa, the rain forest, or somewhere you’ve never had a chance to visit but have always wanted to. I know that there are lots of equestrian destinations that I would love to visit, the Winter Equestrian Festival, ride across Ireland, Spruce Meadows to name a few.

Then of course you have the just plain silly advice. You could pimp your car with a car microwave, or buy 184 pairs of adult mouse ears from Disney, or even start saving for those auto-lacing sneakers a la Back to the Future.201903

Or you could do what I did and spend it before you get it on Equifit boots, a new set of winners circle brushes, a fancy new crop, a sun visor and a scrim with our barn logo and his name on it. Easy come easy go!

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