Our First Trillium Show

Let’s go back in time a little ways. Before moving forward into the new show season I want to try to remember and make a record of the shows from last summer.


Tucker making eyes at the fire breathing dragon squirrel on the path

Our first Trillium show was actually my first trillium show ever. Although I’ve been riding since I was 10 years old my parents were never really into it for more than just the weekly lesson and with my first horse I wasn’t able to do much showing. Any past showing I did do was just at a schooling show level.


Where are my cookies?!?!

May 30th to June 1st 2014 Pickering Horse Centre ran Trillium at Palgrave.The Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park is situated in the Central East Zone and hosts both Trillium and A Circuit shows. Because Palgrave is about an hour from our barn and because of the show schedule we trailer in for the whole weekend and John and I stay in a nearby hotel.

Move in day! Our barn shipped in three loads of horses. Tucker was on the third load so we didn’t get out to Palgrave until the late afternoon. John went off to check into our hotel while I got Tucker situated and had a light hack around the property. He looked around a bit and did a little yelling but was good overall. When we got back to the stalls I put him away and he was more than happy to tuck into dinner and a stall full of hay. I finished organizing my stuff in our tack stall and then the show team went out for dinner.

Most rings had warm up rounds running which we had signed up for. Got to the stalls early and tacked up. Headed to the ring that was schooling 2’6” with the rest of my team that were also showing at that height. It was an open schooling so once our coach got there and we IMG_6852wmwere warmed up we all headed into the ring together. Right after the warm up my division, Adult Amateur 2’6” Hunter, started. We were at the top of the order so didn’t bother going back to the stalls between warm up and division. We had some issues, I don’t remember specifics but we only ended up with an 8th place (out of 25 entries) in one out of our three over fences classes. No hope for a hack ribbon this early in the season and against so many horses.
After that John and I hung around for the rest of the day watching, photographing and cheering on the rest of the team. Friday night was potluck at the camper trailers were our coach and a few of the team were staying on site.


Reining at Palgrave 2014

No showing today. Did more watching, photographing and cheering IMG_7133wmfor team mates in both the hunter and jumper rings. Reining at Palgrave also started on Saturday so we watched that for a bit (John had never seen this style of riding before). It’s always nice when these two disciplines collide. We can learn so much from each other. The Caledon Pan Am Equestrian Park is a great venue for this as there is more then enough space to run both shows simultaneously. Tucker got a light hack and hand graze in the afternoon. Saturday night was another potluck by the campers. I got peer pressured into signing up for the 2’6” Classic that was running the next day.


$1000 Hunter Classic

We signed up for a judged schooling that was running in the morning in order to get back in the ring before the IMG_7507wmClassic. Put in a really good round and ended up in 6th place out of 46 entries. Yay! The $1000 Open Hunter Classic started in the afternoon.I got Tucker tacked up and brought him to the ring just before the course walk. Because we were an add we got put at the top of the posted order. Sunday was definitely our day; we went in the ring and laid down our best course of the weekend with only one chip/tight spot. We ended up with a score of 73! Unfortunately that chip cost us and we didn’t end up pinning. But what a great end to the weekend.

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