What’s This All About

I’ve been debating with myself since Jan 2014 whether or not to blog. You see I’ve blogged before and fell off the bandwagon. But that was a food blog, this will be different (right?!?!). Allow me to explain what I mean.


Cold Cream of Tomato Soup

I like cooking (most of the time) but sometimes I’m lazy and don’t want to think of a new recipe or I’m hungry and I don’t want to take the time to position the food and then take the perfect picture. And sometimes I just don’t have a story to tell about food other then “yum, yum I good cook”. As I’m sure you can imagine that’s not good reading. It was too much pressure! So I stopped. Stopped blogging, stopped making so many new recipes, and stopped spending so much on ingredients and random dishware (beautiful dishware that is now clogging up my tiny condo kitchen).


Melted Ice Cream Snowman

And now here we go again. Another blog. But I’m determined to not let this one fall by the wayside. I think that it should be easier to keep up. Riding isn’t a chore it’s a passion, a love, my life… and all the tack that I need doesn’t clog up my condo.

So I’m blogging as a way to keep a record of Life with Tucker, with random other things that will probably be thrown in every now and then. My brain can beIMG_0034 like a sieve so I’m also kind of excited to keep a record of our lessons. Fun times ahead. It’s show season again and warm weather is just around the corner!

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