An Introduction

Hi! Allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Erin. I currently live in Toronto with my boyfriend John.





He’s the love of my life, photographer, cheerleader… horse show mom. He’s also allergic to horses, actually to pretty much everything at the barn. But that doesn’t stop him from coming to every show.



Spreadsheets! UGH!!!


I have a full time job working in an office. This (for the most part) is what my life looks like Monday to Friday. Boring! But it pays the bills and helps support (some of) my habit.




The other support of my habit is this lady here (in the background). My mom, who should probably win best mom ever award. She’s always supported me no matter what, even when she thinks I’ve lost my marbles. Without her a lot of what I have and do wouldn’t be possible. I guess you could say that I’m spoilt rotten… but in a good way, because I’m not a jerk (I don’t think).

I’m a part time student at The University of Toronto where I specialize in Biological Anthropology and minor in ecological and evolutionary biology as well as behavioural psychology. So much fun and so interesting. This is what I wish my days looked like.


Squirrel monkey Los Amigos Biological Station Peru


Cloud Forest Wayqecha Peru


Digging for fossil apes in Hungary

The rest of my time is taken up by this guy.

IMG_0544Tucker is an 11(ish) year old draft-cross that I started riding/leasing in 2014. Last summer we showed on the Central East Trillium circuit in the Adult Amateur 2’6″ Hunter Division. We finished 6th overall, which is not to shabby for our first season together!

IMG_0031I guess that’s me in a nutshell. Stick around and I’ll fill you in on the rest of our story.

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