Goldilocks and the 3 (million) Saddles

Oh hey there. No apologies for the blog absence other than to apologize for the lack of blog reading I’ve been doing. One day I’ll get caught up. Hope everyone has been having an amazing summer.


None of this has been happening.

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Oh Hey There. Remember me?

I’m not going to apologize for my absence. Life happens and boring riding life isn’t fun to write about or read about. There are lots of things going on though.


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Dressage Lesson Magic

We had our second dressage lesson the other day. And it was awesome!

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The Details ~ Everything Else

As promised the final instalment of the new barn details. Minus the trails, because I haven’t done that yet.

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The Stupidest Human on Earth

Are all your fingers pointing this way? Because they should be. Just call me queen of the dumb.


Mind blown!

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The Details ~ Viewing and Tack Rooms

If it appears as though I’m stretching out the new barn details it’s because that is exactly what I’m doing. I love our new barn but it’s not giving me very much blog fodder. Hopefully that will be rectified tomorrow when we have our first lesson with trainer M.

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Redheadlins Blog Hop ~ Reports to HR

I love you blog community! Especially all you bloggers that give me content when I’m a dolt and forget to take pictures to go with my posts.

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The Details ~ Tucker’s Stall

It was brought to my attention that I was a tad remiss in filling you in on all the details about our new home. The details are kind of important. They are huge part of the reason I chose this barn after all.


Of course he’s eating again! Why would he cooperate for one picture?!?! He’d just keep pinning his ears whenever I called his name and go back to eating. Brat!

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Busy Weekend ~ Move and 1st Gotcha Day

Well we moved. This is pretty much what Tucker looks and sounds like at the moment:

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The Things I’ll Miss

First a quick update. I spent all last week and all weekend at the walk and trot (mostly). I compressed him. stretched him out, backed and trotted away, backed in hand, stretched him out and massaged him in the cross ties… I’m happy to report that Tucker is back to normal without a chiropractic adjustment. As of Tuesday we were able to rejoin our lesson.


Isn’t this how all horses graze?

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